These Are The Wedding Shots You need to Ask Your Photographer to Take

One of the biggest questions Brides have when planning their Wedding is: what’s a photography brief and how do I create one?

Most reputable Wedding photographers will already be well-versed on what sort of images to capture throughout your Big Day, however you should still be providing them with a thorough brief to ensure the important shots aren’t missed.

Well, we’re (once again) cementing ourselves as your official Wedding Fairy-Godmothers and have created the ultimate photography brief.  All you need to do is save this… and you’re done.

You’re welcome!


1. The Hair and Makeup

You’ve spent hours in hair and makeup and you’ve never looked so red carpet-ready in your life, so make sure you get some detailed shots of it (the pics will also serve as a guide if you want to try and replicate that sharp Wedding Day contour further down the track)!

0093 phosart photos

Image via Studio Phosart Photography & Cinematography

2. The Bouquet


Image via Image Haus

2. The Gown

Start with a shot of the gown hanging in front of a window or on a door frame, then request some detailed shots to capture the embellishments and lace-work. Don’t forget to get an incredible back-shot of the Bride in the gown, as well as a photo of the train and the veil.


Image via Image Haus

3. The Mother of the Bride

She’s helped you get dressed hundreds of times in your childhood, but nothing is more special than helping you into your Wedding gown. This is a photograph that you’ll both cherish forever.

DSCF6190 min

Image via Rene Zadori Photography

4. The Groom

Don’t forget the Groom! We recommend having at least two photographers so that your future husband can get some shots with his Groomsmen before the ceremony.

LocoPhotography MC 0858

5. The Bridesmaids’ Shot

Obviously, you need to get some great pics of the Bridesmaids in their matching robes and candid pics of the Bridal party getting ready together, but once you’re all dressed make sure you get some groups shots. If you’re wanting something a little special, do a ‘first look’ shot so that the photographer can capture the moment your Bridesmaids see you dressed as a Bride (we guarantee their expressions will be priceless)!

20190223 Loretta Luke 0336Image via Lou Lou Memphis

6. Your Other Main Man

Let’s be honest, you’ll always be Daddy’s little girl, so asking your photographer to capture the moment your Father first sees you as a Bride is essential.


Image via Image Haus

7. The Details

Every Wedding has its own unique details, from the bouquet, the veil, the Wedding rings and the shoes, to the cuff-links and making sure you get these captured by your photographer will mean you can remember all the personal touches you included in your Big Day.

mariza my wedding 21

Image via The Arandas

8. The Kids

The Flower girl and Pageboy getting ready is going to be cuteness overload, trust us.

K3A4837 min

9. The Gift

If you’ve organised a letter or a gift for your significant other, make sure you ask the photographer captures the moment you each open it (and have some Kleenex handy).

10. The Getaway

Don’t forget the cars! Get the photographer to get shots from the inside (ask him to take the front seat and shoot you and your dad in the backseat), as well as the outside.

The Ceremony

11. Ceremony Styling

From the arches to the aisle and the flowers, make sure you capture all of the smaller styling details of the ceremony.

pulse 116

12. Ceremony Venue or Church Shot

Ask for long-shots of the ceremony venue or church, as this really ‘sets the scene’ when you’re looking back on your Big Day.

13. The Guests

Aim to have two photographers at your ceremony; one with the Bride and one with the Groom. The one stationed with the Groom at the end of the aisle should grab a few snaps of the guests before the ceremony begins, because once it starts, all the attention will be focused on the couple.

14. The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Get a few snaps of the Bridesmaids as they walk down the aisle, as well as at the front of the church. With the Groomsmen, ask for photos of them at the front of the aisle and talking to the Groom pre-ceremony.

15. The Groom

The photos of the Groom at the end of the aisle as he watches his Bride are some of our favourite to see, so these pics are a no-brainer.

JA 00414

Image via Siempre

16. The Bride

Obviously photos of the Bride as she walks down the aisle to meet the Groom are a must!

17. The Flower girls

The Pageboy and Flowergirl shots are a must. These tiny tots are bound to make you laugh at some point throughout the ceremony!

Photo Dec 01 6 30 42 PM

Image via People Photography

18. The Dad and Groom

The moment your dad lifts your veil and hands you over to your new husband is going to be a goose-bump inducing and it honestly is going to be photographic gold.

19. The First Kiss

It’s all about the romance, baby!

JA 00588

Image via Siempre

20. The Documents

Ask for the photos of the Bride and Groom (as well as the witnesses) signing the legal documents and Marriage certificate and also request some close-up photos of the actually documentation.

21. The Other Aisle

The recessional shot (the one of the Bride and Groom leaving the ceremony) will capture the raw emotion and elation of the couple after they’ve just made their vows.

image 13

Image via Danielle Webster Photography


22. Group Shots

Traditional posed group shots of the Bridal Party are a must, but also aim for more relaxed, casual photos that show how you all interact together – as these are the pics that really let your personalities shine through.

Screen Shot 2019 07 16 at 1.53.24 pm

Image via Rabbit & The Bear Weddings

23. Solo Shots

Ask to get solo shots of each member of the Bridal Party in the same spot; that way, you can compile them all into a Brady Bunch-style collage.

24. The Family Portrait

Grab your parents and siblings for a few candid family shots. Try not to be camera shy and show-off your family dynamic!

Laura and Carlo Wedding SPLENDID 37

Image via Splendid Photos and Video

25. The Landscape Shot

A dramatic long shot of the Bride and Groom that captures the surroundings is essential. This is the shot that will be the pic you’ll frame and hang on your wall, we guarantee it.

Screen Shot 2019 07 16 at 2.00.38 pm

Image via Rabbit & The Bear Weddings

26. Bride and Groom

It’s time to get intimate with your Groom, Fairies! You’ll need pics of the two of you kissing, holding hands and interacting. Consider bringing props like balloons, sparklers and confetti. Some couples choose to have some props that represent their relationship, like cowboy boots, leather jackets, ‘his’ and ‘her’ crowns or sneakers.

DB 8232 2 1

Image via Inlighten Photography


27. Reception Styling

Because, you didn’t spend all that money of décor, place cards and florals for nothing… right!?

sofia artemiy 0482

Image via  Andrew Bayda

28. Centrepieces and Tables

Close-up photos of the tables and the centrepieces are a must (because, see above).

MG 9229 min

29. The Wedding Stationery

Getting images of the Wedding stationery is something that most Brides overlook, but it’s such a great way to remember the theme and style of your Wedding.

Reception 41

Image via Rafal Ostrowski

30. The Entrances

Make sure you ask the photographer to capture the moment when the Bridal party enters the reception!

31. The Guest Book and Wishing Well

If you’re having a wishing well and a guest book, request some shots of these, so you can remember every little detail.

32. Food and Drinks

Because… yum!

33. The Wedding Cake

So much effort is put into what the Wedding cake will actually look like, that you’ll want to remember this spectacular sweet creation. Get pics of the cake before you’ve cut it, as well as the moment you and the Groom slice into it!

The Cakes 2 Andy Bowdy 1

Image via Siempre 

34. The Entertainment

Whether its musicians, DJs or dancers, don’t forget to capture the fabulous reception entertainment you’ve organised!

35. The First Dance

Most Brides are so nervous during the first dance that it all becomes a blur, so having lots of shots of it is essential.

sofia artemiy 0611

Image via Andrew Bayda

36. Father-Daughter Dance

You can never get too many photos of the second most important man in your life!

37. The Speeches

Not only do you want to capture your loved ones while they’re doing their speeches, but you’ll also want to capture yours and your new hubby’s reactions!

NancyandDavidWeddingbySPLENDID 77

Image via Splendid Photography

38. The Bomboniere

Whether you’ve spent hours making DIY favours, or you’ve purchased a little gift for your guests, make sure you get some gorgeous pics!

20190223 Loretta Luke 0931

Image via Lou Lou Memphis

39. The Dance Floor

Photos of your friends and family letting loose on the dance floor are great additions to the Wedding album.

Reception 266

Image via Rafal Ostrowski

40. Bouquet and Garter Toss

If you’re running with the bouquet and garter toss, don’t forget to let your photographer know so he/she can plan their shots!

41. The Newlyweds Exit

The last shot of the night!

760 GoldHatPhotography 1

Image via Gold Hat Photography

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