Times are changing. Gone are the days when girls would skip dessert out of fear of their derriere getting a little too round? Instead, we’re not afraid to have a little extra junk in the trunk. And with guys admitting they love big butts and they cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny, that when a girl walks in with an itty, bitty waist and a round thing in their face, you get sprung!

Yes, we just plagiarized a rapper named Sir Mix-A-Lot, but ever since Kim Kardashian snatched J-Lo’s crown as the most bootylicious celebrity? Big butts are now in fashion. It seems almost every girl is trying to squeeze in a lunge or two between TV shows to achieve the perfectly shaped booty.

So what if we told you we had the solution to all your flat butt problems? You’ll never have to do another awkward squat or lunge at the gym again, but you will have a round peachy bottom? Drum roll. Ta da!

Introducing the new non-surgical butt implants. Padded Underwear. Yes you read correctly. Padded underwear.

We now take a moment to pause for all you bootylicious girls smirking out there. While some of us are genetically blessed with a little extra somethin’ somethin’, it can be quite stressful for the girls who aren’t. For the horizontally challenged, it’s hard to find a wedding dress that doesn’t make your butt look flat as a surfboard.

And it doesn’t just stop at padded underwear. We spoke with Director of website, Bhawana Singh. Studio Europe stock all kinds of butt lifting products from padded panties, butt bras and removable butt pads. Find out which products are most popular and how each product works.

What are padded panties and what do they do?
Padded panties are underwear with built in pads. The built-in pads provide a subtle and moderate yet noticeable boost around your hips and bottom. The unique and cleverly placed padding emphasis the shape and size of these particular areas. Whether you’re after a curvier bottom, or the illusion of curvier more shapely hips, these padded panties provide instant shaping.

What is a butt bra and what does it do?
A butt bra works just like a padded bra. It pushes up the bottom to give a perkier, more lifted bottom. The cut outs which appear on the butt bra work in a way in which they accentuate the rounded part of the bottom and give a firm, round shape ultimately pushing the booty up-and-out of the panty.

What are silicone butt pads and how do they work?
Silicon butt pads are silicone adhesive pads for your bottom that are removable and reusable to give a realistic butt boost. They’re just as realistic as a silicon implant with less cost and no surgery required. Just position inside full-cut underwear or snug fitting pants (like jeans) to help keep the pads in place. They features a unique silicone adhesive layer that is both washable and reusable. Just press the pads against the inside of your undies or pants and the sticky adhesive layer will hold the pads in place.

So would you consider a non-surgical butt lift? The best part is that nobody has to know. But make sure you distract your new husband with chocolates and wine while you run into the bathroom and rip those babies off. He might worship the ground you walk on, but the mere sight of any of these can be a little too much to handle, especially on your wedding night! This is just one of those things you’ll have to keep under wraps.

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