The Maid-Of-Honour Checklist: The Day Of The Wedding

You’ve done the hard yards helping plan the perfect Wedding, you’ve pulled off the bachelorette soiree of the century and you’ve survived more than a handful of potential bridezilla meltdowns. All of the drama and delight has led up to this day – the Wedding Day!

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Here’s your no-fail Big Day Checklist:

1. Have an emergency kit that contains things like bobby pins, muesli bars, bandaids, Hollywood tape, mints, deodorant and a sewing kit.

2.  Make sure the Bride eats a protein-rich breakfast.

3.  Confiscate the Bride’s mobile phone and manage any wedding supplier questions or issues.

4. Ensure the Bride is happy with her hair and makeup and, if not, offer to explain the changes she wants to the artists.

5.  Manage the other Bridesmaids and make sure all the pre-wedding hair and makeup are running on schedule.

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6.  Run a countdown until the bridal party needs to leave and ensure everyone is ready to head to the church on time.

7.  Take responsibility for the Groom’s ring before and during the ceremony. If you’re not sure where to put it, wear it on your thumb.

8.  Keep an eye out for the Bride’s train and veil and adjust as necessary throughout the day

9. Hold the Bridal bouquet while she says her ‘I dos’.

10.  Sign the marriage license along with the best man

11.  Play hostess at the reception and make sure guests are signing the guest book.

12.  Keep an eye on the gift table, collect any envelopes and put them somewhere safe.

13.  Dance with the best man

14.  Make a toast and speech at the reception (limit your drinks until after you’ve made this!).

15.  Gather all the guests and bridesmaids ready for the bouquet toss

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16.  Check in with Bride and make sure she’s eaten.

17.  Accompany Bride to the bathroom, hold her dress while she uses the toilet and have spare lipstick and concealer on hand, in case she needs a touch-up.

18.  Be the first person on the dance floor and encourage other guests to join

20. Thank guests for attending

21. Gather all the wedding gifts and take note of who gave what (you’ll be responsible for providing this list to BB post-wedding so she can do the thank-you cards).

22. Do a final walk-through of the reception venue and collect anything that’s been left behind.

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