The Incredible Success Summit 2019

Our Creative Director Wendy attended Success Summit 2019, a two-day program which encompassed everything about growing and improving your business.

The program touched on a wide range of topics including mindset and motivation, the power of unmasking your potential, the psychology of success and business growth, just to name a few!

Wendy was able to listen and take up some valuable and inspiring advice from some of the world’s iconic and motivational speakers such as Turia Pitt, Tony Robbins, Jane Lu and Jessica Willson.

All 4 speakers over the two day program, gave insights into their success and how listeners can use their stories and journeys to hopefully inspire others who are striving to achieve their goals; “life is the dance between what you desire most and what you fear the most”, an inspirational quote said by Tony Robbins.

“You often forget how being in a room with like minded people can shift your energy. The phenomenal Tony Robbins presented in such a way that made me feel like he was talking directly to my soul. Investing in ones self is highly underrated. I suggest any business owner or individual wanting to grow and challenge themselves to pay him a visit, and invest in what will return exponentially!” Wendy explains, reflecting back over the two-day program.

There were many valuable take aways from the inspiration and motivating program, but one highlight was definitely a quote from Tony Robins; “fulfilment gives you the energy to achieve your goals”, something we feel inspired to do everyday here at Wedded Wonderland.

Thank you to Success Summit for an incredible and unforgettable experience!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Posted in Fashion, New South Wales by wedded wonderland

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