Jessica Minh Anh is renowned for her daring takes on fashion. She has coordinated catwalksaround the world from solar power plants to canyons and the Eiffel Tower and her latest show in Sydney was no different.

Held in the middle of Sydney Harbour aboard a cruiser, it was nothing short of breath-taking.

We got the chance to chat with Jessica about the show, as well as what she’s got up her sleeve next…

[youtube id=”QElxxngD9IE”]

WW: From the floating catwalk in France to the Grand Canyon, you pull together some incredible runways. Why are you so passionate about the experience?

Jessica: I believe the most exquisite designs should be showcased at the best of locations. Therefore, I travel the world to discover the most breath-taking locations and get inspired to come up with new ideas. I want my audience to be amazed every time.

WW: Do you choose the catwalks based on the inspiration behind the collection you’re showing on them?

Jessica: It’s actually the other way round. I select the location before selecting participating fashion brands for the show. Most of the time, designers get inspired by my ideas and locations to initiate or complete their new collection for the show. It’s a very exciting and creative process.

WW: What would be your ‘ultimate’ location?

Jessica: I do have one in mind which I’ve been obsessed with for years. Similar to all my previous shows, I keep the location a secret until the end. I believe it’s more fun that way.

WW: Do you have any hard and fast style rules?

Jessica: Always wear something that compliments your body shape, and stick to your favourite colours when in doubt.

WW: What’s the biggest styling mistakes that girls tend to make?

Jessica: Following trends blindly. I think it’s important to see what’s suitable for you, and that’ll always be in style.

WW: You walk down catwalks, while our readers are preparing to walk down an aisle. Do you have any tips for calming last-minute nerves?

Jessica: To me the most important thing is to make the right decision. Once you’ve done that, then everything else falls into place. Surrounding yourself at important moments with the people you trust and love will definitely calm you down and bring you ultimate happiness.

WW: You’ve been staging these shows for years, what’s been the most challenging?

Jessica: When you do an outdoor show, anything could happen with the weather and you simply cannot control it. At my recent show in Gemasolar, Seville, Spain, a storm came two hours before the show and destroyed our backstage area although the weather forecast was sunny that entire month. In such conditions, a quick solution was needed so I decided to use the bus that transported the models to the plant as the new backstage area. The show went smoothly afterwards and it was one of my best ones yet. It was challenging, for sure, but also very rewarding. I was very touched by my team’s support, and impressed with the final result.

WW: Who are your favourite Australian designers?

Jessica: I love Paolo Sebastian’s designs.

WW: What upcoming trends do you think we’ll see in Bridal and Eveningwear – and what are your favourites?

Jessica: I think brides will become more adventurous and more colours will be added into the wedding scene. A wedding is such a special occasion that every bride should have their fairy tale princess moments.

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