The Best Winter Fashion For Every July Bride

Unless you’ve had the luxury of spending the last couple of months locked away in the comforts of your house, or you’ve been lucky enough to be sun-baking under some northern hemisphere sun (we’re totally not jealous…) then you’ll be completely aware of how ridiculously cold it’s been here.

Yep, we’re sitting in July, and winter is well and truly here. Our go-to response is to bury ourselves underneath the fluffiest and heaviest blanket we can find, but alas, life must go on. Despite the shivers currently running through our body, we’re here to support all of our brides who are willing to brave a cold July wedding.

Not even the chilliest of days should put a damper on your wedding festivities, so check out the best winter fashion trends that’ll keep you nice, warm, and toasty.

Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is a must have for all of our punk rock brides who love being bold and different. Create an effortlessly cool look by throwing on a leather jacket over your dress to keep warm in the unforgiving cold. You can even mix it up a little and go for a white leather to have that proper bridal look, or opt for a hand-painted jacket for a cute personal touch.

Jackets And Coats

Don’t be too quick to knock down jackets if leather isn’t really your thing. There are more options available, and each one is more girly and glamorous than the next. Go for a lovely feather jacket to spice things up, or choose faux fur for the ultimate warmth. Coats are also a great option, and have us thinking of Russian royalty and the classic old charm of Downton Abbey, so yes please!

Whichever way you go, just about any bridal jacket or coat is sure to make you look like a million bucks, so have faith that style and comfort will go hand in hand here.


Nothing says warm and cosy like a good fuzzy jumper. Simple yet chic, a jumper will transform your wedding look to something reminiscent of the elegance and romance of Olivia Palermo’s own wedding dress choice. Where the fashion star opted for a cute cream cashmere sweater, you can go bigger and thicker for the ultimate warmth. Forget about frostbite, in one of these babies, you’ll be more worried about sweating. But hey, anything’s better than shivering your way through your vows, right?


OK, so we know that capes will technically not help you keep very warm, so don’t look to them for that, but they do create the perfect winter look. With a gorgeous flowing cape that’s decked out in jewels and/or feathers, you’ll be the ice queen of our dreams. It’s both ethereal and regal and works great for any ceremony and reception that’s happening indoors.


Shawls are the perfect winter accessory that won’t hide the beauty of your gown. Sitting just across your shoulders, the right shawl can compliment your theme and provide the comfort and warmth you’ll need to get you through your winter wedding.

Written by Hanan Merheb

Cover photo by @gracyaccad

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