This week, one of the Wedding industry’s largest annual studies was released showing that the average cost of a Wedding has never been higher.

More than 18,000 American Brides and Grooms were surveyed on their Wedding budgets and breakdowns and it was found the average Wedding cost almost $33,000 US (equal to about $44,000 AU) – this is up almost 5% from 2014!

The biggest shock was the difference between having a Wedding in Alaska (average costing just $18,000US) and hosting a Manhattan Wedding, which averages a huge $82,000 (almost $108,000AU).

The study, run by XO Group, attributed this rising cost to the couple’s desire to make their Wedding different and personal – and we tend to agree! Because of social media and our access to such an array of amazing Wedding websites (hello, Wedded Wonderland), it’s never been more difficult to make your own Wedding unique.

Custom entertainment and signature cocktails were the two biggest extra expenses, but if you are looking to cut down on your Wedding costs, don’t skimp on the drinks and entertainment, instead read this.


Main image from Khalia and Nicholas’ Wedding. Photography by Belle Photography.

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