The Amazing Wedding Trend All Floral Stylists Are Using

Whether you are wedding obsessed or a bride looking for inspiration, there is no doubt that you’ve come across this striking flower used in most wedding floral arrangements while scrolling through Instagram and saving all your fave wedding pictures.

Pampas Grass is a dried grass that has slowly become the new it-wedding floral worldwide and has become a popular ask for florists and floral event stylists to include at couple’s wedding days and events.

Big, fluffy, wispy and extravagant spears of pampas grass are the ultimate flower to include in your floral arrangements to achieve that perfect boho yet chic styled wedding.

Although in New South Wales it is illegal as it is considered a noxious weed, it doesn’t stop couples from requesting it from florists and risking a $60,000 fine to include the flower into floral arrangements for weddings!

Not only does it dry naturally, but it is commonly used and appeals to couples for its versatility. The raw and neutral hue of the grass goes with most colour schemes but it can also be dyed to suit different colour palettes if couples wish to include this grass in their floral arrangements. The grass can be dip-dyed into the dye bath for different periods of time to create different shades and hues.

Tell us Fairies, would you include pampas grass into your wedding?

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image By: Beta Bar

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