Brides often assume that their Wedding guests have the good end of the deal – they get to show up to a free party, drink champagne, see a spectacular Wedding gown, hang out with the coolest people in town (aka your friends) and eat cake. All they have to do is bring a present.

As a Bride, even though you are probably neck-deep in Wedding planning, you need to make sure your guests have a great time and unfortunately they need more than a canape and a seat.

We’ve listed 5 notorious pet-hates of Wedding guests, so you don’t make these mistakes.

1. Huge Gaps

Having a huge gap between the ceremony finishing time and the start of the reception will leave guests impatiently looking at their watch. This is a common problem, especially when the Bridal Party need a few hours to go off-premises for photos, so it’s important to let your guests know where they can go to stretch their legs or grab a drink in between the two events.

2. Crazy Weather

When you’re getting Married outside, prepare to face the worst weather of your life and have a water-tight back up plan. Give guests a clear indication of your plans, so they can pack extra jackets (if it’s cold) or a spare shirt (if it’s really hot). Also, don’t leave them sitting in the rain or sun for hours on end.


3. Closed Bar

Making guests pay for their own drinks is bound to leave them unsatisfied. If you are on a tight budget, consider having a basic beer, wine and soda list available, but ask guests to pay extra for spirits and premium drinks.

4. Not Enough Food

After sitting through the ceremony and downing a few champagnes, your guests NEED some serious food – and we don’t mean a few canapes. Nothing is worse for a Wedding guest than leaving the reception hungry and having to make an emergency stop for a cheeseburger on the way home.

5. Looonnnggg Speeches

We love a funny or heartfelt speech, but as a Wedding guest, if the speeches go for longer than an hour, it’s time to wrap them up. If you’re a Bride, consider giving all of your speech-givers a five or ten-minute limit, so that you don’t leave your guests bored.


Image from Brittany and Justin’s Wedding. Photography by White Fashion Photographer.

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