The Journey To Love With Tanya Hennessy: Her Love-Kissed Story

And what love means to the Aussie Golden Girl.

Tanya Hennessy adorns a red evening gown.
Photo by: @davidmannah

The queen of radio and podcasting, an enthralling author, television connoisseur and rightful owner of the stage – as one of Australia’s talent gems, Tanya Hennessy requires little introduction. After getting engaged to long-time partner Thomas Poole in 2021, Tanya is now in the midst of planning her own wedding. 

Always knowing she had a story to tell, Tanya describes how her 10-year-old self would be “losing her mind” if she could see all that she’s achieved today. And now, with the man of her dreams on her arm and a wedding to plan, Tanya shares with Wedded Wonderland her path to love, and what she has in store for the future.

Tanya Hennessy in a white gown surrounded by greenery.
Photo by: @davidmannah

Describing the shoot styling as the highlight of her time spent on set, Tanya shares how incredible it felt having all the chosen pieces on set fit her, “I have never in my career had that happen. The message is [clear], there should be more plus-size brides being shown and we are fierce as f**k”. 

“We wanted to bring to life the love that Tanya has for her love, to celebrate the joy that she brings to this world. Everywhere she goes she brings her ‘love kiss’. She makes so many people happy and she deserved a photoshoot with the most extravagant gowns, the grandest designs and a team that are masters of their crafts”, says Wendy El-Khoury, Founder & Director of Wedded Wonderland. 

And masters they are, a dream team in every sense of the phrase. Bringing this vision to life was the epic love child of photographer, David Mannah, hair and makeup artist, Sarah Laidlaw, product sponsor, Daily Naturals, fashion stylist, Emma Cotterill and creative stylist, Mary Ronis. It doesn’t stop there with florals by the talented Melissa Dcruz, cake crafted by Strawberries and Co, and media and collaborative partner, Wedded Wonderland.

Tanya Hennessy adorns a red evening gown.
Photo by: @davidmannah
Dress: Vollek
Accessories: Balyck Jewellery
Shoes: Roger Vivier

Tanya tells Wedded how she never actually wanted to get married when she was growing up. 

“I was never that kid who dreamt of being married. But Tom changed that, he’s a magical human. Tom teaches me about kindness, patience, understanding and true love everyday”, she explains.

“I just always knew someone would turn up and would stay if they were meant too. When I met Tom I was legit thinking he would be a fling. Lol. Now I’m obsessed with him. After seven years I still am obsessed. I feel so comfortable with him, my home is Tom. We’re so lucky, not everyone has a love and a bond like we do”.

Tanya Hennessy, a vision in a white bridal gown.
Photo by: @davidmannah
Wedding dress: Corston Couture
Train: Catherine Colubriale
Earrings: Balyck Jewellery
Shoes: Roger Vivier

Queuing all the emotions, Tanya puts into words what Tom’s dedication has meant to her, “That man has shown me what love is, he has loved me at my lowest and my highest. He’s put make-up on me whilst I cried during an extreme panic attack and I had an important shoot, he’s driven from city-to-city to see me, he paid his last dollar to come see me in Canberra when he was in Toowoomba, he’s believed in me when all I wanted to do was disappear. He’s just a special man. To know Tom is to love Tom. He isn’t just my partner but he’s my favourite person. He’s so funny and silly – he just got a sewing machine for Christmas. Like why?”

Tanya Hennessy amidst a string of pink petals mid-air.
Photo by: @davidmannah
Skirt, petticoat and corset: Tazia Studios
Earrings: Balyck Jewellery

After her engagement she took to social media to announce she will be the ‘least subtle bride alive’, so naturally the team at Wedded needed a peek into what this might look like come the big day. 

“Some brides do two looks. Gurl, I’ll be doing 12! Kidding, but I just love the idea of doing something completely over the top! Because, spoiler alert… I AM OVER THE TOP. I actually feel more myself when I’m dressed in something wild. I want to wear something a bridal barbie would wear in the 80s! I love 80s weddings! I look at them constantly for inspo. I’m most excited for Tom and I to share our love story with everyone and see our favourite people in one room!  We have such amazing families and friends. It’s going to be fierce to have a fun day.”

So what can we expect from the big day? Tanya eagerly hints at the idea of a personalised sunglasses station, a glitter bar, a jumping castle and drag queens. To say we’re excited… would be the understatement of the century.

Tanya Hennessy in head-to-toe black evening wear amidst an autumn forest.
Photo by: @davidmannah
Gown: Lilli Marcs
Black and gold tulle peplum, gloves and choker: Catherine Colubriale

It’s as she embarks on her journey to wedded bliss, she shares snippets of wisdom for any bride-to-be who may be reading.

1) Life is short, do what you want for your wedding and wedding events! And if it’s not exactly what you want – go back and do it again in 10 years!

2) Pick your battles, you don’t always need to be right. Some things don’t need to be a fight if you allow it not to be, ya know?

3) Love fiercely and unapologetically. 

4) Don’t rush, whatever is yours will find its way to you. 

5) Stay engaged as long as you want and plan at your own time. There is no right and wrong way to have a wedding.

6) Always have multiple cakes at your event, one for the party and one for you to eat the next day in bed. 

Tanya in a stunning pink tulle dress.
Photo by: @davidmannah
Embellished denim jacket: IKLEKTIK INK
Tulle skirt: VELANI

And to those still on their journey to love, she advocates for looking outside of the box, widening your gaze to those outside of your type – to look older, younger, and perhaps, beyond gender – and don’t let your prewritten rules get in the way of finding that forever love. With Tom being seven years younger than Tanya, she describes him as the best man she’s ever met. 

“He’s changed my life – and he’s what and who I am grateful for everyday”. 

As for what’s next from Tanya, she tells us how she still has so much more she wants to do. With plans to explore more of Los Angeles, writing and starring in her own television series, it’s safe to say there’s no slowing down for the Aussie starlet. 

“I just love to create and I’m so fortunate to do so! I also think I will eventually start an agency to support young creatives”. 

A special thank you goes out to the entire team on set:

Tanya Hennessy: @tanhennessy

Photographer: @davidmannah

Hair and Makeup Artist: @sarahlaidlaw

Product Sponsor: @dailynaturals

Fashion Stylist: @emma_cotterill

Creative Stylist: @maryronisevents

Florals: @melissadcruzfloral

Cake: @strawberriesandco_

Media and Collaborative Partner: @weddedwonderland

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