Summer Wedding? The 15 Must Haves Of Your Bridal Survival Kit

Summer weddings are preferred amongst many brides, and that comes as no surprise! Think of the gorgeous warm nights, stunning backdrops and dreamy skin-bearing gowns… Unfortunately, summer also has its downside, with the soaring temperatures come many bridal problems; think sweating, smudging and dehydrating!

Bride-to-bes and Maid-of-Honours, listen up, these are your must-haves!

1. Water

Whether your gown is long and heavy or short and sweet, every bride will be walking down the aisle in crazy temperatures! Make sure you keep yourself hydrated to avoid a disastrous heat-stroke.

2. Powder And Makeup Brush

It is absolutely integral that you maintain your makeup throughout the day, particularly on a hot summer’s day, where your skin is more prone to sweat and oiliness. Make sure you brush that oil away before the wedding photoshoot, trusty Maid-of-Honour!

3. Cool Snacks

For the emotional, happy or anxious bride, one thing is for sure; you can’t go wrong with a bit of comfort food! For summer, consider cooling and hydrating snacks like mints, cucumber and carrot sticks or ice-blocks. It may seem silly, but it can definitely help in the long run.

4. Sewing Kit

The biggest disaster a bride can face on her wedding day is perhaps a rip on her beloved dress. With people constantly surrounding her, a rip on the train or edge of the dress is very possible! Always be prepared.

5. Panadol

Tension levels can be through the roof for certain brides, and with wedding planning being an extremely stressful process, it is possible that small mishaps will trigger a bride. Keep some Panadol handy, just in case!

6. Band-Aids

Accidents happen, and so it is better to be safe than sorry. While a band-aid may not look so pretty in photos, it will surely look better than a red cut or scratch!

7. Razor

Let’s be real, it happens to the best of us, Fairies. We’ll exit the shower thinking we’ve done the perfect shaving job, and then the next day we will spot a small patch of hair that we will go on to swear was not there a few hours ago. A little razor is sure to avert such a crisis!

8. Moisturiser

Unfortunately, dry weather conditions call for dry skin! Carry a small tube of moisturiser with you, especially if you have a naturally dry or combination skin type!

9. Hair Ties

Long hair may look stunning, however on a hot summer’s day, and particularly if the bride has decided to not go with an up-do style, it is important that she remains comfortable. Additionally, she may want to let loose at the reception, and we all know you can never go wrong with a sweet ponytail!

10. Lip Balm

Dry, dry, dry! We’ll say it until everyone has heard it! Avoid chapped and dehydrated lips with some clear lip balm or gloss, so you can fully enjoy those first kisses as husband and wife!

11. Safety Pins

Yes, we know being your own seamstress was not how you expected your big day to be like. However, these things happen, and it’s best that you’re prepared for them. Seams, cuts, rips and many more little issues, can be solved with a trusty safety pin!

12. Bobby Pins

You may have hired the best hairdresser in all the land to give you most perfect wedding hairstyle anyone has ever seen…BUT, beware, the heat causes sweat and oiliness to gather up at your hair. Make sure you stay perfect with a few handy bobby pins.

13. Deodorant

We cannot stress this enough. While summer weddings are envied for their warm weather conditions, it comes with a rather smelly cost. Keep some deodorant around you for after the ceremony and during the reception, you’ll thank us for it!

14. Comfortable Flats

We’ll be honest, Fairies, it is just so exhausting to be a girl! Wearing heels for a couple of hours is exhausting, can you imagine wearing them from day to night? Avoid a wounded toe or a sprained ankle by bringing along a pair of comfortable shoes to slide in whenever you feel like it.

15. Phone Charger

Last but not least, a phone charger! It is likely that your photographer may not capture every single moment that you wish he would. Make sure your phone stays charged throughout the day to capture that iconic bridesmaid squad selfie!

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Hitched Co.

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