Spring Themed Wedding Cakes We Are Loving

When it comes to designing your wedding cake, it never hurts to look to the season for inspiration. If you want to highlight your wedding date through details like your dessert, you can choose to present a multitude of colours and florals for spring.

Come on Fairies, celebrate the coming of warmer days, and your newlywed life, with these inspiring spring-themed wedding cakes!

Classic Roses

An elegant addition to any design, classic roses of any sort have the potential to truly bring out a gorgeous cake in this beautiful spring season. The most popular rose colours include baby pink, white, ivory, red and peach.

Subtle Florals

A classic cake is timeless and perfect in its simplicity, which may make you think that decorating it to fit a spring theme, is tricky. Subtly jazzing things up with small florals can bring out different textures and shades, and make it the perfect spring element of your wedding. 

Pastel Dreams

The best thing about pastel shades is their versatility. Depending on what you’re after, the design can range from combining the cake’s texture with softer peach and beige shades, to blending it in with brighter colours such as blue and pink. Either way, this artistic approach will leave your guests amazed at the originality.

Flamboyant Buttercream

Flamboyant buttercream is the way to go if you’re after a statement cake. Bold and beautiful, the buttercream sees any cake as an empty canvas, and allows for endless colour schemes to suit a spring theme.

Vibrant Florals

If a neutral floral arrangement doesn’t appeal to you, you can always opt for a show-stopping statement cake. Don’t be afraid to go after fuchsia, blue, purple or even red floral details!

Leafy Luxury

Although it may seem like a daring choice, gold leaves can make the perfect topper for a spring-themed approach to cake design. The simplicity of a white cake can allow for plenty of space for leaves to decorate it, whether they’re at the top, side or base of the cake.

Petal Buttercream

We are in love with how this trend can transform the simplest of cakes to a show-stopper. Petal buttercream detail resembles a floral formation and can provide a dimensional and stunning addition to your spring cake. The colour options are endless, from soft blush to passionate red!

Sugar Lace Florals

Sugar lace details are a very minimalistic and classy means of accentuating a cake’s spring element. Often complimented with pearls and floral designs, they’re ideal for the bride that is after something simple yet stunning.

Spring Textures

Floral-inspired textures are a chic, yet striking way to decorate a spring cake. Their main advantage is that they have the ability to add dimension and texture to a flat cake, allowing for a scrumptious build-up, and even assisting in making a statement cake out of whichever colour you desire. 

Transluscent Petals

This elegant and subtle detail is unique in its design, dimension and ability to stand out in the most graceful way possible. The tulle-like addition of translucent petals can showcase a multitude of softer shades on the background of a vibrant or simple cake.  Its intricacy is sure to bring a classic, artistic feel to your reception.

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Instagram

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