Some Of Our Favourite Mother Of The Bride Looks

In light of Mother’s Day, we thought it would be nice to look back at some of our favourite Mother of the Bride looks.

A mother is a rock, a sister, a best friend, a confidant… the list goes on and on… This Mother’s Day we hope to honour our mothers and yours. We took a trip down memory lane and picked some of our favourite mother of the bride looks. Enjoy, Fairies!

Raquel’s Mother

This one’s a no brainer, just look at her! Everything from head to toe is perfect, the hair and make-up to the dress, it will always be one of our favourite mother of the bride looks. The colour of the dress just compliments her so well and she looks so radiant without taking away from her daughter. Just beautiful.

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Source: Steven Khalil

Louise’s Mother

This gorgeous mother of the bride donned a white gown that complimented her daughter’s. The column silhouette and mixed textures of her gown created the perfect balance to stand by her daughters voluptuous gown. This mother of the bride is truly elegant and class and we just absolutely love her entire look.

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Source: Siempre Weddings

Andriana’s Mother

What a beautiful colour! A muted pistachio gown is just the perfect shade. Andriana’s mother truly understood the assignment with the gown gorgeously pooling to the floor and the subtle shine in it looking like a wave of starlight. We just love it.

Source: Andriana Chidiac

Rochele’s mother

A look perfect for an intimate day wedding is just what Rochele’s mother donned. A simple look featuring a draped asymmetric gown with neutral colours was perfect for the occasion. There’s always so much beauty in the simplest of things and the mother of the bride is no exception.

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Mother of the Bride, Tania

This mother of the bride’s look was just radiant. The draping of her gown, the one shoulder and the colour looked like a ray of sunshine. She was unmistakable as the mother of the bride with her gorgeous make-up look that went hand in hand with her gown. Gorgeous.

IMG A0B020123809 1
Source: Daniel Learmont Couture

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