Six Women turn up to Wedding Wearing the same Dress

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What would you do if you showed up to a wedding and were mistaken as a bridesmaid? Embarrassing, right? Well, that’s the position six guests at a recent Sydney wedding faced when they showed up and found themselves all wearing the exact same dress from Forever New dress!

That’s right – the navy and white Forever New dresses, which cost $160, were apparently so popular that six different women picked them out when planning what to wear to the wedding. The Australian fashion brand is clearly the go-to place for wedding guest shopping!

For many women the situation would be an absolute nightmare, but the six women made the best of it, taking photos of themselves together. The bride got in on the fun, posing for photos with her six “bridesmaids”. Of course, while dressing the same as one guest might be embarrassing, when you’re wearing the exact same thing as five other women, what else is there to do but laugh?

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The incident was made famous when one of the six guests, Debbie Speranza (coincidentally, the style of the dress is also named “Debbie”) posted the photo on Forever New’s Facebook page. “You really should start a bridal registry so that your customers can enquire whether anyone else has purchased one of your dresses for the same event,” Speranza wrote. “No we are NOT the bridesmaids just the guests – think I deserve a gift voucher for all this advertisement.”

The photo has now been ‘liked’ by almost 50,000 people! We can’t tell if this is good or bad publicity for Forever New! Probably a bit of both. Still, we’re sure that a lot of women will be thinking twice before shopping at Forever New for a wedding outfit now.

What would you do if you showed up to a wedding and were dressed the same as five other women – run for the hills, pose for photos or hit the open bar? Let us know!

Author: Sian Campbell

Image credits to  Debbie Speranza/Facebook and Forever New


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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