SHOCK EXIT: MAFS Participant Leaves Experiment

Just when we thought our new couples were smooth-sailing along the captivating TV experiment, there has been a major revelation… Are you ready for the drama, Fairies?

Photographer Poppy Jennings has been this year’s first Married At First Sight participant to pull the plug and leave the experiment! Yes, we’re crying for Luke Eglin‘s little heart too.

The mother-of-two admitted to feeling guilty, especially given the fact that Eglin treated her well; “But I’m so overwhelmed, I really am.”

The shock exit followed TV husband Luke Eglin’s confession, that he felt the upcoming week together was “make or break” for him. An upset Poppy was then seen being distant, and when Luke Eglin surprised her with a homemade steak dinner, she said she wasn’t hungry. Poppy would then request to sleep in seperate apartments, and announced her shock exit the morning after.

Teary-eyed Luke said: “I don’t think anyone can explain how they’re going to feel in the experiment. I did try and I think she did too, but I think she was just overwhelmed, and I get it. It’s a lot to take on. I had hope for me and Poppy and I want a happy ending more than anything else,” he added, wiping away tears. “It’s s–t. What else do you do? It’s all over now.”

We really had high hopes for this one, Fairies! And while our hearts broke for the newlyweds, we believe that Poppy simply could not take the pressure of being separated from her young boys.

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Instagram

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