Real Wedding: A Seaside Ceremony in Brazil

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Sometimes, when you know, you just know.

This was the case for Any and Thiago, who first met in 2014 and began dating a week later. Any told us that Thiago was so sure he had met his future bride, that he said to her, “We will date, travel so much, get engaged and marry you in a Pronovias dress.”

And so they did!

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After a romantic proposal in Greece in 2016, Any and Thiago flew to Barcelona where Any found her dream Pronovias dress – just as Thiago promised.

The September wedding was kept small and intimate, something which Any says is uncommon in Brazilian culture, and brought together guests from around the world, including Japan, Portugal, and greater Brazil. Bringing together everyone for one day was extra special as Any and Thiago would be moving to Houston, USA after the wedding.

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The carefully-planned ceremony was held in the garden of San Francisco Xavier Historic Church at Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. Situated by the ocean, the couple and their guests were treated to a stunning view of the sun setting over Rio, in view of Christ the Redeemer.

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Dress: Atelier Pronovias –

Shoes: Luiza Barcelos –

Veil: Pronovias –

Makeup and Hair: Milton Barros e Di Blank –

Jewels: Any Piccin –

Groom: Hugo Boss –

Tie: Calvin Klein –

Engagement ring and wedding rings: Any Piccin –

Ceremonialist and Decor execution: Rafaela Pinheiro –

Photographer: Renata Xavier –

Video: NA Vídeos –

Ceremony Venue: Igreja Histórica São Francisco Xavier Niterói –

Ceremony Decor: Paula Rangel –

Reception Venue: Buonasera UNO –

Menu: Chef Jeff Morais 

Decor Project: My Personal Bride –

Floral Design: Emporio Sta Rosa –

Furniture: Sofisticato –

DJ: Flávio Guanabara –

Cake: Casal Garcia –

Lighting: Top Light –

Sweets: Santa Doçura e Desire Cacau – –

Bem Casados e Pães e Mel: Doce Vintage –


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