Real-life Wedding Crashers make highlight of brides night!

wedding crashers

The Rock Island Lake Club hosted what seemed to be an ordinary wedding filled with friends and family eager to celebrate with newlyweds Michael Tufo and Karen Fox Tufo. Complete with food, drinks and a whole bunch of dancing, you could say it was the perfect wedding.

But when Michael and Karen heard of the term ‘wedding crashers’ we doubt they thought it would happen to them! To Karen’s surprise, during her special night she couldn’t help but notice two unfamiliar faces. Not predicting that they could be strangers at her wedding, she assumed they were friends of her husbands and ignored the fact.

It wasn’t until the next day when a special note appeared that the couple realised their wedding had been crashed! The note read “Dear Fox’s, 1) Congratulations 2) Sorry for crashing your wedding 3) Best of Lucl!!” Along with the note was a Polaroid image of the crashers and a dollar bill to represent “A buck for luck.”

Despite having shared their special day with two complete strangers unknowingly, Michael and Karen were vocal about the humour of the situation. On a hunt to meet the couple formally, Karen even took to Facebook suggesting she wanted to buy them a drink – don’t we just love this bride’s sportsmanship?

wedding crashers

Image via: The Telegraph

wedding crashers

Article written by Alison Donnellan

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