Real Dating horror stories that will make you cringe

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare – a date going horribly wrong. We’ve all been there at least once, right?

During the moment it’s pretty bad, but after the fact it can be hilarious talking/reading about it. So, we reached out to our Fairies on social media to tell us their craziest dating horror stories – and you’ll have to read to believe them!

“My date brought his kids with him on the first date.” – fullmonte79

“Went on a date but I forgot I took a laxative earlier. At the mall on the way to the theatre all i can say is to hurry up in buying tickets once he was holding the tickets I grab one ticket and ran to the bathroom screaming get out of my way???” – mysweetkiddos

“Omg on one date the man brought his wife on our date #crazyfirstdate” – joanngregoli  (Say what!!??)

“I was sipping margaritas on my first date with this guy who seemed normal. After a few drinks he tells me a story about getting attacked by a leopard in his village growing up. Next thing I know he is shirtless at the bar showing me his claw marks (scars) on his chest. ?#crazyfirstdates”  – tlove18

 “I went on a date to a restaurant. The guy asked to try my steak, took a bite and then spat it out into his hands and put it back on my plate” – georgiahillis

“On my first date was dressed to impress only to be taken to the gym for a workout #hethinksimfat#neversawhimagain #didnteveneat#drovemyselftomacs” – _the_life_of_lily_

“On the first date I find out he has twins with his ex wife then he took his shirt off and he has the name of 3 of her other kids from two separate guys before him. He then says he is trying to settle for a divorce but she won’t sign the papers and hasn’t for a year” – misssophiemareelovett

 “Date 3- marriage proposal! ?‍♂️ oh no!! Desperate!!!” – naomi_and_co

“Fell asleep on the couch next to a new boyfriend, may or may not have sleep farted which woke me (but I pretended to still be asleep) and it sent him into a fit of giggles *cringe* haha” – taali

“First date: Dude tells me he studies math, because his father said so. Is going to the church, because his father said so. Is member of a certain party, because his father said so. Then he tells me out of the sudden, he was asked on the street to do a photo shoot and that he felt so comfortable during the shoot that he got rid of all his clothes and was just dressed with a sunflower. My response, what does your father say about this” – desire_realsteel

“Omg a bad experience I had was when I met a guy for lunch who decided to take his cloth napkin and blow his nose in it several times and then put it on the table!!! To my horror all I saw was this napkin unfold showing all the “goods”….. could NOT leave fast enough!!” – laflor101

“First sign I knew it wasn’t a match, he showed up 20 minutes late and didn’t even apologize! Second was that he knew I was severely allergic to cats, which is why I was reluctant to even go on the date because I knew he had 2 cats. Well he spent 30 minutes telling me how much he loved his cats, how he set his alarm extra early so they could get their extra cuddles in otherwise the cats would get really mad at him. We were definitely not the right match” – weddingsbycyn

“First date i went on in a long time …he showed up hour and half late and was absolutely tanked and than proceeded to ask for a second date” – Holly Troy

“Drove 2 and a half hours to where he worked, so I arranged a surprise dinner with his work friend and him, rock up there and find out he was messaging his payroll manager asking for photos of her recent boob job which I got to see1f602? awkward. Much worst has happened but this would be the funniest. Silly me” – Tahlia Ferris
And there you have it!  **Cringe!
We can’t decide who takes the cake for the official worst dating disaster. Who do you think deserves it?

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