Over the last week, we have been waiting with bated breath for updates on the disappearance of bride-to-be Stephanie Scott, a 26-year old school teacher from NSW. Saturday was meant to be the day she married her fiancé and high school sweetheart. Instead, it was announced that her body had been found.

Stephanie will forever be a bride-to-be, waiting in anticipation to walk down the aisle and stand by the man of her dreams.  She will always be excited about her impending honeymoon to Tahiti, a trip to which she, no doubt, saved long and hard for. Her wedding gown will stay in immaculate condition, steamed and ready for its owner to slip it on with the help of her mother and closest girlfriends.

Her groom will be left waiting at the front of the church, checking his watch constantly because as any groom knows, every second feels like eternity. He will never get to experience the moment that Stephanie walks through the doors, led by her Father and beaming with a smile that reaches all the way into her warm brown eyes.

The tragedy of the situation is one that has touched not only brides, but men and women across the world who’ve overnight united to show their support to Stephanie’s family and fiancé, but also their disgust at the murder.

Every former bride knows how special their wedding day is. On the day, you’re surrounded by so much love from friends, family and your partner. It’s a day that every woman should have the opportunity to experience.

To pay tribute to Stephanie and every other girl who’s been taken far too early, brides have been posting a photo of their wedding dress with the hashtag #PutYourDressOut.

So far, there have been more than 6,000 Instagram posts alone showing just how much this has touched the world.  With this tragedy, there are no lessons; it was senseless and cruel. However, it does remind us to appreciate our loved ones and be grateful for every single blessing – especially the fact that we’ve still got tomorrow.

Always stand by your sisters.



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