Plus-Size Wedding Dresses: Where to Purchase Beautiful Plus-Size Dresses in Australia?

Finding the perfect wedding dress is every girls dream and top priority when it comes to their big day. But for many of us ladies who aren’t quite size 6, it can seem exceptionally difficult and time consuming. As a result of many brands not offering options over size 14, the availability of a stunning gown for a plus-size bride is limited.

In saying this, many retailers and brands are making the effort when it comes to offering a wider size range to suit all women and the curvy bride. We can’t deny that looking like a princess on our wedding day, means feeling like one too. No one should settle for anything less than what they believe is the perfect gown for their big day. In saying this, here are five tips to help in finding the perfect plus-size wedding dresses in Australia:

First thing’s first, budget. Choose your budget, and stick to it. Don’t be intimidated by more expensive dresses you see on your journey to sourcing the perfect wedding gown, but make sure you are spending what you can afford. If you want to ensure your dress is exceptional quality, then look into reducing expenditure for other wedding expenses e.g. florals or entertainment, and put that money toward your gown. However, there are many places of which cater for those looking for quality at an affordable price. The Sposa Group are the perfect example of this. Their website highlights that they home an “exquisite selection of plus size bridal wear that is exclusively crafted for brides with a fuller figure.” and at incredibly affordable prices.

Who to take with you:
Finding the perfect dress can be overwhelming as it is, then add on the opinion of a mother, mother in-law, and 4 bridesmaids in the picture. Don’t make this mistake. To ensure your process is a simple and exciting one, choose wisely when it comes to who you take with you purchasing your wedding gown. Make the right choice by bringing people along who will tell you the honest truth when it comes to trying on the dresses. Bring along loved ones who will share their honest opinions on the plus-size dresses as some poorly made gowns do have the potential of washing out the bride. Avoid being washed out by choosing simpler, more traditional dresses that accentuates your natural curves. Look to Showpo and White Runway for elegant and simple options.

Where to go:
It is important to note that wedding dress shopping, especially if you do not know what you want specifically, can be overwhelming. Travelling far and wide throughout the process definitely adds to this stress. When you have been dressing your body type for a while, you tend to have a rough idea of what you think best suits you. Look online first to see which stores stock your size before booking an appointment. This will eliminate wasted time and disappointment. Additionally, make sure to map out days for certain areas rather than trying to fit all dress shops in the one day.

If you are having no luck travelling to different bridal shops, try looking online. With a focus on catering to plus-size brides, sites such as ASOS and will make this experience 100% easier.

Keep an open mind:
Whilst many of us are guilty of saving our top favourite dresses on Instagram, we probably are making it harder for ourselves. It would definitely make it easier to have a rough idea of what you want in a wedding gown, however locking down one style, and one style only, will limit your options. Be open to trying on different styles and seeing what best accentuates your beautiful body and curves. Try and avoid going with the first dress you try on. Moreover, if you are not having any luck finding your perfect wedding dress, don’t lose hope. Try looking at brands whose dresses are “made to order”, so that once you have found the perfect style, you have control of how well the dress fits. Retailers such as Grace Loves Lace is the perfect example of this.

Make it yours:
The 5th tip to ensuring you end up with the perfect plus-size wedding dress would be through customising your gown. If you have tried on 100s of dresses, and none of them seem to be the one, don’t fret. Brands such as Fame and Partners are the perfect place to turn when creating your dream dress. With formal styles already available online, customise parts of the dress, including sleeves, length, colour, etc. and ensure the sizing is just right.

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