Pavlova Is The Wedding Cake You Didn’t Know You Needed

The ownership of the beloved Pavlova is a contentious issue. Is it Australian? Is it New Zealand? If it belongs to one, why is it named after a Russian ballerina?

But we’re not here to argue over rightful origins – (it’s Australian) – we’re here to vouch for the sacred Pav as a contender for one of the better wedding cake alternatives. Here us out.

Pavlova is Delicious

Yes, we know, this one is obvious. But seriously, have you ever stopped to marvel at just how wonderful pavlova’s are? The dessert was made in honour of world-famous ballerina Anna Pavlova to imitate the lightness of her tutu and is made so perfectly that it remains crispy on the outside while the inside is soft, heavenly goodness. You’re getting the best of both worlds, and that doesn’t even include the whipped cream and fruit on top. Your wedding guests might just be pushing and shoving to get a second piece.

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It’s Perfect For Any Season

No matter what season you choose to have your wedding, a pavlova cake works rain, hail, or shine (just keep it under covers in case). For a rustic winter wedding, choose fruits like apples, oranges, pears, and rhubarb. The deep colours will compliment the styling of your wedding and taste delicious. For the warmer months, try mangoes, apricots, lychees, and all sorts of berries. Add some edible flowers for a Spring touch, or leafy details for Autumn.

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It’s A Great Alternative To Traditional Tiered Cakes

There’s no question about it – cakes are great no matter their shape or size. But if the idea of another multi-tiered cake bores you, then look to the trusty pavlova. For a bold statement at your wedding, have your pavlova cake perched on a detailed stand or arrange multiple pav’s around the dessert table as a main treat. Pavlova is also a great alternative for people with certain allergies, like wheat.

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It’s Trendy

It’s hard to fight a trend. With self-service food bars and rustic dessert stations becoming more fashionable, a pavlova cake makes for the perfect fit. Dessert trendsetters Blackstar Pastry make a Instagrammable pavlova cake – aptly named the Delicious Cake – and if your dessert isn’t photoworthy, did you even eat it? Earn yourself some extra trend points with unconventional wedding flavour choices – hello balsamic and fig – and have a wedding cake setup that will set hashtags ablaze.

Via Blackstar Pastry

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