Our Favourite Sydney Wedding Cinematographers

Selecting your wedding cinematographer is crucial, Fairies. After all, this is the video you will be showing to your children, one day!

We have curated a selection of our favourite Sydney-based wedding cinematographers, as well as a selection of clips for you to enjoy.

Happy scrolling, Fairies!


“We pride ourselves on our portfolio of cultural weddings that span over almost a decade, a collective experience that prepares us for almost any wedding cultural tradition. The benefit to you is a team that can focus on the emotion and personality of the day. We observe and lightly guide you, so that you can shine as a couple, connected to your family and the traditions of the day. The end result? Natural candid moments.”

Soda Films

“Wedding Films & Videography to capture your special wedding day as it naturally unfolds. Creative experience gives you peace of mind. Let us tell your story… Now producing Wedding Films in Sydney, Melbourne, Australia-wide, Europe and beyond.”

Treelife Productions

“Our aspiration is to make those special moments last a lifetime, through producing cinematic films that stir emotion and that are inspired by your story.”

I Do Cinema

NYC Films

La Lune Cinema

“Love is a story worth telling. That’s why we are film makers and have been for over 10 years now. When we began, we wanted to bring a new angle to wedding film making, we wanted to make art and tell the story in a new way. Stories, in general, are something we are very drawn to and we believe film making is the most immersive and emotive way you can tell them. We love our home in Newcastle Australia but we also love travelling the seven seas to film around the world. It keeps us freshly inspired.”


When it comes to wedding photography and videos, is not just pressing a button on the camera and hoping for the best. It is knowing how to find the best light, recognizing the beauty in all locations, capturing the fun, joy and romance of you and your partner. It is having the ability to get to know people, and then capturing their true self. Our team have shot over a thousand weddings over the past 20 years, so not only do we know what we are doing, but we love doing it! Our passion for what we do drives us to get that perfect shot, to try new things, to be creative, to make each and every couples experience unique.”

Golden Touch

“Golden Touch Productions is one of the leading wedding photography and cinematography production companies in Sydney. We provide professional wedding photography throughout Sydney. Our professional photographers capture the perfect shots for your special day. With over 30 years experience, every member of the Golden Touch Team boasts professional qualifications obtained from the most prestigious photography and film institutes across the country, on top of having many years of industry experience. We only use the very latest in digital camera equipment so your wedding images and video footage are of the highest definition and quality. Our role on your wedding day is to capture every special moment perfectly.”

Marcus Rusbourne Media

“Our style of film making is very candid and unstaged, and it’s our moment-based approach which enables us to create such timeless and beautiful films for our couples. With the inclusion of dialogue from throughout the day, we are able to add that extra element of audio storytelling which is of equal importance to video. We consider wedding films to be a priceless memory for you to forever look back on, to show your kids and grandkids, allowing them to not only watch – but listen to the most important day of your lives unfold.”

Captured Frames

“Adrian and Cyron met at a conference in 2011 and decided to take it upon themselves to film the weekend. Staying up all night editing the footage, the two began to paint a canvas of the event they were attending, and as the sun rose through the windows to signal morning had arrived; they found themselves the least bit tired, but rather incredibly excited with what they had created. The way the children’s faces lit up as they saw themselves on screen, their parents beaming up with such pride, the feeling was unparalleled. At that moment they knew they had something special.”

Sydney Wedding Dreamlife

“Whether your wedding is to be a large, formal affair against the backdrop of an iconic Sydney landmark or a chic, intimate gathering within the historic confines of a quaint, inner-city chapel, the Dreamlife team in Sydney will capture every breath-taking moment of your special day. The Dreamlife Team Sydney are not just expert wedding photographers and wedding videographers, they are also artists and masters of their craft; they will capture the subtle, reflective moments: stolen glances, cheeky grins and teary pride. Their attention to detail and ability to identify candid shots and ideal lighting means they are able to create a picture that tells a story and captures a moment in time.”

The Paper Fox

“Videography, for us, is simply magic. It holds onto the things that photography alone can’t – the sounds, the movement and the glimpses that can go unseen. A video will always take you back to the day, to a specific moment, to a certain scent and a big feeling. It’s just magic.”

Platinum Video

“We are a Sydney based cinematic team with one focus, capturing your special moments on your wedding day. Candidly and unobtrusively, we dedicate ourselves to your wedding.  Our approach is to get to know our couples on a personal level. Connecting with you allows us to tell your stories in a symbolic and unique way. The passion and experience we have combined with our efficiency and professionalism we dedicate ourselves to your wedding, creating memories that you will cherish forever.”

The Tail of Two

“Hey! We are Sam and Sally. We are a light hearted couple from Canberra who have a passion for cinematic wedding videography. We love to laugh, have fun and get a bit silly sometimes. When we’re not making wedding films, we’re usually watching re-runs of The Office or playing with our fur babies.”

C2 Films

Marry Me Movies

“In 2013, after working in network television for most of our careers, we decided to make a change and do something we loved. In-between music video shoots, television shows and working on network news, we had been filming our friends and families weddings when we could. Apart from having a blast, we loved those days and that all came through in our wedding videos. We captured real emotions and real moments and we didn’t ask anyone to pose awkwardly or fake a laugh. Within a year, we found ourselves being asked to travel to beautiful weddings in destinations around the world and filming not just for our families and friends, but now for a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. That gave us the confidence to finally quit our jobs and film weddings full time.”


“When I started Cinehaus in 2018 I wanted to offer couple an affordable way to capture some of the most important moments of their day, without compromising on quality. Now in 2020, and over 100 weddings later, we’re still doing just that.”

Iconic Films

“Iconic Films is a creative studio that concentrates on the wedding industry, producing high end wedding films and event coverage within Australia and Internationally. Iconic Films has vast experience in the industry, liaising with Wedding Photographers, Wedding Bloggers, Event Coordinators and Stylists to connect to the appropriate clientèle.”

Arian Film Productions

“Multi Award Winning wedding videography Arian Film productions is a Sydney-based video company offering Wedding Videography all over Australia and internationally. There is no limitation in our Innovative Wedding Videography and Excellence. Our work precedes our reputation. We use the latest technology to stay parallel with modern wedding videography and wedding cinematography. Wedding videos in Sydney or any part of the world is created perfectly to match our client’s need individually which makes our wedding videos unique.”

Tom Coburn

“I see life in angles, in lines of perspective, a slight turn of the head, the blink of an eye, subtle glimpses of magic others might pass by.”

Onsight Films

“Onsight Films is a team of passionate wedding film makers. It was and still is all about capturing real moments from a wedding day, anticiapting the next moment and being in the right place at the right time while filming artistic compositions on the way. A few years on, Onsight Films have grown from humble beginnings to being one of the most sought out wedding film companies in Sydney.”

In a Maze

“Our passion ignites us, and our creativity challenges us to create wedding stories that touch the viewers’ hearts and immortalise the love story of couples who are making the biggest commitment of their lives to each other. We believe in capturing the story as it unfolds naturally, and we treat each wedding as a masterpiece. Our wedding films and photos are customised to tell your unique story, and to give you the chance to re-live the magical moments of your special day.”

Rolling Canvas

Motion Reel

“We are a fun-loving husband and wife team – Kouyou (like “yo-yo” but with a ‘k’) and me, Julia. Kouyou’s 14 years of experience has seen him film and edit over 1000 films and together we just love weddings. It’s a privilege getting to know you in the lead-up and through capturing such an important time in your lives. Kouyou was born and raised in Japan. I am Australian but have spent almost 14 years in Japan. We met while Kouyou was walking his miniature dachshund Kurumi in Tokyo, went on a date, fell in love and the rest is history.”

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Nikos Sterliamis

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