One Unique Way to Impress on Your Online Dating Profile

According to eHarmony, these are the most attractive books you can read to impress potential dates sussing out your online dating profile:

The most ‘attractive’ books men can read:

The most ‘attractive’ books women can read: 

The fascinating discovery stems from new research eHarmony conducted with it’s online dating community that found 55% of women, and 53% of men reported a love for reading on their profiles. Men who listed reading as a hobby in their profile received almost 20 percent more messages. Women who read didn’t see the same spike, receiving an average 7 percent less communications than their non-reading counterparts.

The lack of interest in finding a well-read woman is surprising, considering this research also found that women who read are also more likely to have greater ease forming more open and trusting relationships with others.

“Everyone is uniquely different, and it can be challenging to find someone who not only shares your common interests, but gives you that spark. That’s why our algorithm looks at extensive dimensions of compatibility and your shared affinities – such as curling up with a good book. Rest assured that for Australia’s book lovers, there are plenty of opportunities for love!” Nicole McInnes, managing director of eHarmony explains.

Though all hope is not lost for Australia’s book-loving ladies. Women who listed they enjoyed the book “Scar Tissue” by Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis seem to receive many more messages than all other women – an average of 109 percent more communication requests. Female fans of the Hunger Games series also received 45 percent more messages than the average woman.

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