Married At First Sight Ep 22 Recap: Nadia Is Losing It!

From becoming married, to being a slave and now walking into a cupboard? We might as well call this the ‘Nadia and Anthony show’!

Nadia has really spiced up our Sunday night – not only by enduring a terrible relationship with Anthony – but watching her ‘aggressively’ get ready for date night with a man she despises is absolutely delicious.


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On the way to the dinner party via Uber, Anthony chats with his partner and we can tell Nadia is desperate to open the door and jump out. Funnily enough, Anthony was prepared and put the child lock on to prevent her from escaping.

Meanwhile, as the dinner party commences and everyone is having a jolly old time, Nadia begins to feel the strain from the reality show and walks off from the table! Whaaaa

Everyone’s made this face about their boyfriend at a group dinner party.

Image via 9 Now

“I just needed time to regroup,” Nadia explains after locking herself in a cupboard. “Because I’m not going to be like, ‘I’m great! I’m great!’ and then inside, ‘I’m dying!’”, she later tells us!

Locking the door and then regrouping with her partner, Nadia sits back while Anthony asks the contestants to describe their favourite moment of the show. Then, when he begins to answer his own question, Anthony brings up the time when Nadia forced him into attending yoga..

“I felt like I was a giraffe having a drink at that time,” he says. Nadia just wants to punch him out!

Until next time fairies!

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