Married At First Sight Ep 18 Recap: Dinner Date Disaster!

Talk about a relationship crisis!

Ever since Andrew talked trash about Cheryl behind her back, it seems the relationship psychologists now assume this marriage is going no where.

As the couples get ready for the dinner party, everyone is wondering what sort of evening fights will soon occur.

“I’m not one to make a scene at a dinner party,” Cheryl says. You have got to be kidding!

When you don’t plan on making a scene, but need to look fresh just in case.

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Fashionably late, Cheryl and Andrew arrive and suddenly separate as soon as they enter. Let the ‘ignoring’ games begin!

First, Andrew ignores Cheryl and speaks with the twins about sports. We are now thinking, ‘is he seriously doing this?’

“Andrew’s definitely not acting like a 38-year-old,” she begins to say. “He’s acting so immature. He’s embarrassing me and embarrassing himself.”

Meanwhile, Nadia is a complete drunk and tells Sharon that she’s in love with Anthony!

“Mmmm he’s a maaaan, you know. He’s a real maaan”, she mentions. Whaaaaa

Anyway, back to Andrew who starts talking about celebrities he’d like to ‘you know’

“I need top write a long list of green card girls. Is this gonna cause a tiff?”, he asks Cheryl, who is just utterly disappointed.

“Erm terling merm!”

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“You’re so full of sh*t, ay,” he quickly says. He’s obviously trying to dumb her down to his level.

Now, Andrew is acting like a complete idiot, mimicking and mocking.

“When have you ever heard me speak in that tone of voice? Loike dat. I nev-ah speak loike dat,” he says to his partner.

Then the infamous ‘boys night’ is brought up!

“You’ve got no idea about what happened on the boy’s night.”, Andrew blurts out.

“I wrote ‘leave’ when you wrote ‘stay’ and I still make more effort than you. I start the conversations. I start the jokes. You don’t do anything — you don’t even care.”

Obviously, an argument erupts about ‘jokes’ and Andrew continues to mock Cheryl. Then, our heroic Sean steps in!

“There was a lot there throughout the night that was bagging out Cheryl and putting Cheryl down,” Sean tells everyone.

Extremely proud, Susan gives her brave partner a kiss!

“Mmm. Confront someone else.”

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Until next time fairies!

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