Married At First Sight Ep 15 Recap: A Groom moves out!

It seems every relationship is kinda rocky right now!

Remember when Hamish (Cheryl’s dad) kicked Andrew out of his house saying, “I’m done with this bonding — get out, mate”?

Well, it looks like Cheryl finally admits that her father was a ‘little’ extreme.. Now you noticed?

Andrew has now ‘mixed’ feelings towards his new partner.

The face when you realise there are no more spare grooms.

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“There’s another unit available, so I’m thinking I’ll go stay there for a bit to give each of us some space,” he tells Cheryl.

That’s right, she is not impressed at all!

Anyway, our innocent Nadia is doing so well by showing ‘Mr Big shot’ Anthony around her home town. She tried to tell him they have loads of time to get to know one another. And he replies with “if it was me …”

She has OPTIONS, okay Anthony?

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Meanwhile, Perth twins Michelle and Sharon are really connecting by double dating with their spouses Jesse and Nathan.

The husbands soon meet the girls father who really cracks the whip by making the boys partake in a ‘hay challenge’.

“I want to try new things with Sharon. I want to participate, I want to show her that I do care,” Nathan says.

“I want to do things with her.” Tell us more, like we don’t already know!

Nathan is really winning over his wife’s father and could get a job as a farmhand. Since Jesse’s fake tan session, he and Michelle are getting along a lot better ever since she forced him to strip down to a G-string. Maybe this relationship might survive!

The dad’s enjoying it too much.

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With the party in full swing, Andrew reveals to everyone that he and Cheryl are sleeping apart, and Anthony can’t seem to close his mouth!

“I’m not surprised to hear that. From day one, I really questioned that match,” he says, “If that’s not a sign a relationship is doomed, I don’t know what is.”

Meanwhile, Susan does NOT know what shes saying and leaves everyone confused about her and Sean’s relationship. And Anthony doesn’t close his mouth yet again..

“I identified early on with Sean and Susan that they’re both wonderful people individually — but together, they don’t work. Sean’s a horseman”, he continues.

Until next time Fairies!

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