Married At First Sight Ep 13 Recap: Just friends!

In Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, Susan decides to amicably break up with Sean!

But! Susan insists on staying in the relationship and remaining on the show as a married couple even though they’re not together. Just friends. Yes, it’s getting very interesting.

“I feel like you can be my soulmate,” she says, “We can be in each others lives as support. And completely love each other. And not have to try make one person give up everything that is their happiness.”

Friends At First Sight.

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Sean is definitely heartbroken and is still in love with Susan. But, after a good discussion, it seems they have both reached a compromise. Susan and Sean remain in the experiment. But they’re not together. They’re just friends.

Also at the commitment ceremony, Anthony is concerned about one thing; sex!

The experts ask Nadia how serious she is about this relationship.

“Um. Well. I guess. You know. Good question. Um,” she stumbles.

Anthony wants to stay while she absolutely wants out! Nadia then decides to stay. #whatisshedoing!

We still don’t like you.

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Now, let’s move onto Cheryl and Andrew!

Cheryl says she is too overwhelmed and Andrew isn’t forgetting that beach kiss anytime soon.

“I had a moment — when things were going bad — that I haven’t felt since my last relationship at it’s worst point,” he says. I felt sick in the stomach. And I just wanted to be removed from the situation. I just would like to be with someone who’s willing to make that same effort.”

It looks like Andrew definitely wants out. But, the couple eventually decide to stay together.


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Is anyone EVER going to have a happy ending?

Until next time fairies!

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