Let’s Talk About Sex Baby: The Truth About Wedding Night Nookie

Wedding night sex is full of ‘first times’. Whether it’s your first time getting jiggy as husband and wife, or your first time – fullstop. As a bride, you generally go all out with waxing, exfoliating, tanning and the most gorgeous lingerie your credit card can afford.

But, is it all in vain?

A survey has found that a huge 52% of couples don’t ‘ride the pony’ (as Rihanna so eloquently puts it) on the wedding night, meaning there’s no happy ending to the happily ever after.

Making this figure even worse, is that the #1 reason why is because the groom’s too drunk to make love. In fact, 17% of couples don’t do the deed until more than three days after the ceremony.

So, save the lingerie, lower the expectations and don’t put pressure on yourself or your hubby to perform the wedding night doona dance.

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