Although Rob Kardashian proposed to Blac Chyna back in May of this year, only last night did the world get to see what his famous family’s real reaction was – and it wasn’t great.

We’ll be honest, family politics mean you won’t always be enjoying home-cooked meals while wearing matching knitted jumpers (thanks grandma) and you won’t always agree with your sibling’s opinion… or their choice in future spouse.

So, learning from Kim, Khloe and Kourtney’s mistakes, here are the five ways NOT to react when your brother (or sister) gets engaged.

1. Don’t Make it About You

Rob announced his engagement to Blac via social media, without giving his family the heads-up; so when Kim, Khloe and Kourtney heard about it, they weren’t happy (to say the least). However, as a sibling, you need to let it go and remember that the proposal is about THEM, not you.

Kim asked the sisters, “How does our own brother not tell us?!” Khloe added, “He just keeps doing things to keep this divide between us, which I find disturbing.” Kourtney completed the trios attempt at making the engagement about them by saying, “”I think that Rob has his life with Chyna and I’m happy that Rob is at least getting out of the house and living life, but I just hope that it will get to the place where he wants to hang out with his family again.”

Sure, we can understand why they’d be upset; but at least try and remain positive for the happy couple!

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2. Don’t Diss His New Fiancé

This should be obvious… right? Khloe used the opportunity to take a <not so subtle> dig at Rob’s new fiancé with this carefully worded statement, “It’s almost like, is someone in his ear giving him all this information that he should stay away from us? I can’t handle it.”


3. Don’t Give Your Opinion on Their Relationship

Khloe says it’s, “f—ked up”. If your description of their relationship needs to be censored, don’t say it out loud.


4. Stay Away from the Cameras

If you REALLY need to vent to your siblings about the proposal, don’t do it in front of cameras. Not only could you say something you’ll regret later, but the footage will be around forever and you never how how you’ll feel about their relationship in five or 10 years’ time.

5. Don’t be Hasty

The oldest Kardashian, Kourtney, eventually came around to the idea and stood up for her younger brother, saying “My brother is the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time and I just hope that like everything is genuine and sincere and like that’s all we can hope. It’s like it’s not up to us, so why cause any tension or add any drama? We should just be happy for them.”

Fairies, this is the mature way to broach a proposal!


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