John Alten Shares His Tips For Wedding Speeches And Choosing Your MC

When it comes to wedding speeches and hosting, John Alten is no doubt one of the best in the business. Having been involved in the world of weddings for 20 years, when John talks, brides and grooms listen! Here, the Wedded World 2019 MC reveals his top tips for grooms when it comes to writing their own speech, gives advice for couples picking their own MC and more.

Wedded Wonderland: How many weddings have you been the MC for?

John Alten: Having had the pleasure of doing what I love for the past 20 years; and always innovating, I’d estimate close to 1,500 weddings.

WW: What are your tips for grooms when it comes to writing their wedding speech?

John’s Do’s:

John’s Don’ts:

WW: Do you have any advice for couples when they come to deciding on their MC?


  1. Reputation: this is paramount
  2. Find an MC that knows how to take control and structure your wedding reception; last thing a couple needs is an MC that is worried more about social media than their reception
  3. The cheaper option is never the best one; value is the key 

WW: What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve been an MC for and why?

John: There’s been so many, and for different reasons too, however, my favourite wedding ‘type’ is one where the guest’s enjoyment far outweighs the décor and any money spent. Guests are what makes weddings memorable and these for me are the ones that have stood out the most.

WW: Favourite part about being a MC and playing a big part in a couple’s special day?

John: …exactly that – being a part of a couple’s special day. I have always said it and always will; the Master of Ceremonies is the first person to address your guests…and the last.

Interested in having John MC your wedding? Contact him here.

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