Choosing a bridal bag is an afterthought for most brides, yet it’s just as important as finding bridal shoes in the perfect fit or lingerie in the right shade. It should be an extension of your look; accentuating your gown, as opposed to overshadowing. It also needs to hold some key items that we guarantee you’ll need throughout the day.

To get the expert’s advice on the bridal bag must-haves, we spoke with the accessories queen herself, Jeanette Cleary from Jeanette Maree.

WW: What are the essentials that a bride should have in her bag on the day of her wedding?

Jeanette Maree: The #1 item, without a doubt, is the touch-up lippy. This is needed for photos and pre-speeches and having it nearby is essential.
A small compact with a mirror to check that you’re picture perfect and there’s not too much shine on the T-zone.
Tissues for happy tears (just in case).
A token item for good luck like a brooch from Nana or a piece of your Mum’s wedding dress. For me it was a charm from my Godson and the handkerchief I was given when christened.


WW: What are some of the biggest mistakes that a bride makes regarding her bag/clutch for the big day?

Jeanette Maree: Buying something online and not knowing the quality of the product is the biggest mistake I see. Always check what type of crystals and materials before you make your decision (this is usually in a description guide). If you’re still not sure, call the store and ask questions.
The size of the bag; If you’re not seeing the clutch in real life, check that the dimensions of the bag are suitable for your needs. Remember you have paid a photographer to capture your special moments, trust them to do their job and leave your phone at home.
Be careful that there is nothing on the bag that will catch on your dress, nobody likes pulls or tears in clothing, especially on their wedding dress!


WW: What do you think is more important – practicality or the way the clutch looks?

Jeanette Maree: For me it’s the look without a question. We have so many stunning clutches, but they are generally petite. This bag should be something that you can treasure forever and it will become an heirloom that never dates.  If your bag is too big, it will overpower the dress and  that’s a big NO NO.
If you want a practical bag to hold a lot of items, consider a larger bag for the car or to stay at the venue, out of sight.


WW: What’s trending?

Jeanette Maree: Jewelled, beaded or fabric clutches are always popular, with more brides loving our fully jewelled Swarovski minaudiere or pod designs. A lot of brides walk into their reception with the clutch and some nationalities use them as part of their display, so aesthetics are very important. Trending colours and individuality are also swaying brides to choose a coloured clutch with both rose gold and gold popular choices.


Jeanette Maree is the owner and designer who prides herself on delivering the highest standard of designer bridal accessories, using materials of an equal quality and has for over 15 years. The combination of studying gold and silversmithing, many years experience with couture and fashion, and working directly with clients has given Jeanette an insight few in her field possess.





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