Inside MAFS Jules And Cam’s Big Wedding Day

The sweet pair that Australia fell in love with during the last season of Married At First Sight, has officially said their I do’s!

The intimate soiree wedding took place at Beta Bar in Sydney’s CBF, on November 17, just over a year after the couple’s filmed wedding in the Channel Nine social experiment, which aired earlier this year.

Jules Robinson wore a show-stopping incredible blush gown designed by Nicky Velani, that featured a tight strapless bodice and ruffles.“Traditionally you’re meant to wear pink if you were married before. Because the bridesmaids were in white and obviously Cam had seen their dresses, he was like, ‘But honey, you’re wearing white! Are you sure it’s going to look OK?’ ” Jules laughs.  “I was completely shocked. I thought she looked absolutely stunning,” Cam says. “I felt like I was a proper James Bond by the end of the night!” For the reception, Jules swapped out of her gown for a more fitted beaded dress by the same designer. 

Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant are the first MAFS couple ever to get married outside the show, and so wanted the fans to experience the real wedding first-hand. “For us, putting our wedding and the key moments of it on TV, it’s not about money or anything like that. It’s purely about the love and support we had from the public. People are invested in our relationship and we want to show that you can find love in the craziest of places,” says Jules.

Loveday Weddings

Former cricket player Cam agrees, happily gushing about the occasion, “People say your wedding day is the best day of your life – it certainly was for me. It was the best day of my life,” he says. “A lot of people did say there was a lot of love in the room. I was allowed to actually look forward to seeing who my bride was this time! When Jules walked through the door, it was a really ‘pinch yourself’ moment. It was so beautiful.”

Loveday Weddings

There were also a few surprises for guests during the special night. Jules had secretly co-written a song with friend Jeremy from Tillee Music, called ‘Fire and Gold’, which Jeremy performed for Cam and the 170 guests. Cam and Jules also performed a choreographed dance. “Our first dance was to Kylie Minogue’s ‘Love at First Sight’.

“It was acoustic with a guitar and a woman singing. It was a little interpretation of how we met. We’ve been practising loads and we pulled it off! It was good fun.”

“[This wedding] was so different because it was so much more personal and we got to organise it and plan it all ourselves and make all our own choices for all the things that we wanted,” Jules says.

“It was our day. We did it our way. We did it with our good friends and we didn’t want anything to take away our happiness,” Jules says firmly. “We got married the first time on TV, it’s not like we’re a closed book. We’re very open people. But no-one even noticed [the cameras] were there to be honest. It was amazing.”

Now the wedding is over, the smitten married couple are looking to the future and planning to expand their family. “Yes, we want kids straight away! It’s definitely on the cards!” Jules says.

We wish this gorgeous couple an amazing life together and cannot wait to for their little ones!

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Loveday Weddings

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