An Aquarius-born guy or girl (anyone born between January 20 and February 18) is renowned for being the ‘wild-child’ of the zodiac. They’re usually big dreamers, creative and emotional and love being surrounded by big groups of friends.

However, if you’re Marrying an Aquarius, there are a few things you need to know before you tie the knot.

1. They’re Complex

Because Aquarians thrive off big, loud groups of friends you’d assume they were an open book, however they can often come across as emotionally-distant. This is because they protect their heart until they’re sure that you’re the one.

2. They Fall Deep

Aquarians are loyal and will love intensely, so once they’ve included you as part of their ‘inner circle’, you can be sure that they’ll be invested for life. They also experience heart-ache more deeply than other signs, so be gentle.

 3. They’re Charitable

If you’re Marrying an Aquarian, you’ve probably already seen their humanitarian side. This star sign thrives off helping the little guy, whether it be in volunteering or regularly donating money to charity.

4. They Dream

These guys dream BIG and although this means you’ll always be floored by their incredible goals and ideas, you sometimes have to help bring them down to earth.

1Image from Rebecca and Michael’s Wedding. Photography by Nadine Saacks Photography.

5. The Can Come Across as Cold

They aren’t naturally intimate personalities and because of this, they can come across as insensitive. Don’t give up on them though, this is just a defense mechanism that can be brought down once they trust you.

6. They’re Always on the Go

If you’re looking to lead a relaxed, stable life, don’t go for an Aquarius. This star sign are ALWAYS on the go, thinking of the next big thing they can be part of and dreaming of foreign places!

7. They Don’t Cope With Negativity

Because they are such big dreamers they take to any negativity or pessimism badly. They live in a wonderful, beautiful world and they feel more comfortable with positivity, so don’t rain on their parade!

Main image from Ashley and Jason’s Wedding. Photography by Paris Photographer – Pierre Torset.

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