How to Transform His Bachelor Pad in 5 Easy Steps

You’ve finally convinced him the pros of a regular bathroom clean outweighs the cons, but his bachelor pad still isn’t up to scratch when it comes to being an inviting place to hang out together.

In addition to clearing the empty pizza boxes and un-stacking the dishwasher, interior decorator Emma Blomfield notes you don’t need a huge budget to create a welcoming space for two. It’s the small changes that make a big difference, and her five quick fixes below are a great spot to start when it comes to transforming his bachelor pad into a cool and comfy home retreat for two.

Revamp & Rehome

Does that soccer ball really need to take pride of place on the coffee table? Find out fast if any particular items have great meaning to him. And then you can assess if they can be revamped or rehomed to different areas of the house rather than hidden away.

Cure with Cushions

Most men have an aversion to cushions, but it’s a quick addition that can sometimes even go unnoticed! Add cushions to the sofa for instant colour and life to the couch and living area.

how to decorate a bachelor pad

Replace the Footy Memorabilia

Another great way to add colour and life to a room is with art. There is no doubt a few walls free in his space crying out for some love, so shuffle the footy memorabilia to the study, and choose some pieces you both love. This can be the beginning of your own collection.

Tuck into Something Luxe

Replace the bedlinen with quality sheets you’ll both enjoy sleeping on each night. If it’s hot with two people in the bed, consider natural fibres that breathe well such as bamboo or linen.

Start Matching Essentials

Update bedside lamps to a matching pair for a cohesive, stylish finish to the bedroom. Get a fresh set of pillows for the bed, so there’s one for the both of you, and make sure there’s a set of towels for you in the bathroom, too. Let’s face it, buying in pairs most likely hasn’t been the top of his priority list!

how to decorate a bachelor pad

All images via Emma Blomfield, and photograhed by Lisa Zhu


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