How To Train Your Husband to Take the Perfect Instagram Honeymoon Pics

Let’s be honest, it’s the eternal struggle. You look amazing and you’re at the most Instagrammable location imaginable, yet he just can’t get the angles right!

With the honeymoon coming up you need to solve this issue now. Lucky for you we have all the tips and tricks to turn your ‘one-post-a-year’ man into the amazing Instagram husband you know he can be.

Make Sure He’s Background Aware

His artistic vision is yet to be developed and he needs the guidance of an expert. You need to point out that perfectly instagramable backdrop a few times before he gets the hang of it.


It’s pretty important that he takes photos where your feet aren’t cut out or 80% of the photo is the roof. Maybe mention it to him?


Explain that certain angles in conjunction with the light make you look hot, and others, not so much.

Take the photo first

The rule of thirds is practically ingrained in our brain since we took our first picture on a disposable camera at the age of six. Take the photo of/for him first and explain how you want it done and the ways he can help you look your best.

Multiple photos

Not sure what it is when guys take photos but they genuinely think one photo is an acceptable amount. Make sure you mention that you’ll need 10 minimum.

Be patient

He might not get it right the first or fourth time but you should still respect your insta-hubby-in-training’s time and efforts. Be patient and wait for those likes to start rolling in.

Written by Jelena Tabakovic

Posted in Ever After, Fashion, Honeymoon, Photography by wedded wonderland

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