We’ve all seen it in the movies. The blushing bride steps out from the fancy dressing room with white curtains, plush lounges and wall to wall mirrors. Everyone gasps with joy and holds up their champagne flutes in excitement and she does her first twirl.

So you can’t be blamed for believing the first time you try on a wedding dress will be exactly like that. It’s just that for most people, it won’t be. To avoid any random emotional outburst (there’s plenty of time for these later on!) take some time to read through the below.

Dress shape
Since you were a little girl, you’ve imagined yourself walking down the aisle in a princess dress big enough to cover the Great Wall of China. Or you’ve seen your first dance in a slinky mermaid fishtail dress sexy enough to give the Little Mermaid a run for her money. But what if you try on your dream dress and the shape doesn’t suit your figure? What if that one dress shape you had your heart set on isn’t everything you imagined it to be? What we’re trying to say is don’t have your heart set on just one style. Try on every shape possible until you find the one that best flatters your figure. It’s all about trial and error.

Dress colour
There’s so many shades of white, ivory and cream available that one might not actually be your colour. If you’re pale, wearing a stark white gown will make you look washed out and even ghost like! If you have a darker skin complexion cream could look yellowish. Consult with the bridal boutiques to ensure you select a colour that will enhance your features rather than wash you out.

Don’t take everyone’s opinions too personally
You don’t have the same fashion sense as your Mum so why would you be disappointed if she isn’t thrilled with your choice of wedding dress? The same goes for your girlfriends. Don’t depend on everyone’s opinions too much. If you like it, then that’s what matters. You know what feels good and what you’ll feel most confident in.

It’s okay if you don’t find ‘the one’
Finding your dream dress in the first shop you walk into on the first day you start looking isn’t going to happen. In fact, you probably won’t even find your dream dress in the last shop you visit on the first day. It takes time. Avoid setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and just go with the flow. When the right dress appears in front of you, you’ll know.

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