How To Have An Instagram Worthy Wedding

During the past few years, Instagram has transformed everything, from the way we maintain social relationships, to lifestyle choices. It is therefore not a surprise that Instagram has had an impact on the wedding industry and on the overall personalised wedding experiences of newlyweds-to-be. In fact, thousands of women now cite Instagram as one of the biggest sources of inspiration for their nuptials!

Wedding trends on Instagram move quickly. Fall down the wrong rabbit hole, and your feed can look like an endless parade of peculiar bouquets and odd crowns – not to mention the mountains of pampas grass. You could say, Fairies, that the pursuit for individuality has become less and less enthusiastic.

According to iconic wedding dress designer Steven Khalil, trends appear to have a situational significance at the time of your wedding plans. However, it is important to consider your personal style, in the long run.

“We know these trends are these plunging v-necks, where the dress looks just like an evening dress. Social media puts a lot of fantasy around it, but when transferred into reality; does it suit your wedding, does it suit your style, does it suit your body? We have to work on all of those things. So trends are important, but also I always try to encourage girls to be true to their personal style.

Similarly, highly sought-after events planner Devika Narain, recommends that while maintaining the aesthetics of your wedding, it is important that you also make it personal.

“Don’t be overwhelmed by what is fashionable or what others are doing, but create a wedding inspired by you. We designed a beautiful wedding this spring in Srinagar, entirely inspired by the couple’s love for Kashmir and poetry. Each detail was locally sourced and that became the aesthetic of the wedding.”

“Clients can get totally swamped by Instagram – but people don’t realise that their love of something is actually what makes a wedding unique and creative,” agrees London-based events planner Mark Niemierko. “You’ve just got to find it in them. If I find out my bride is really into ABBA, it will be a beautiful, elegant wedding, but at 11pm, there’s going to be the biggest mirror ball you’ve ever seen in your life.”

When it comes to a wedding day, Devika says she is trying to learn from teenagers. “They find the Millennial fascination with portraying this perfect curated lifestyle on Instagram very boring,” she says. “If all goes well, halfway through the evening my makeup is going to have dribbled down my face, and I’m going to be dancing madly.”

Niemierko agrees: “I recently did an event for a client I’ve worked with for years, and she and her friend said they hadn’t got one single photo to put on Instagram. They were enjoying themselves so much, they didn’t reach for their phones. For me, that is the best compliment ever.

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Instagram

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