How to Find an Interior Style that Suits You & Your Fiancé

how to find an interior style

Moving in with your fiancé is a big deal. Not only are you challenging emotions by leaving your comfort zone – going from solo living to sharing quarters –  you’re ultimately trying to mesh two interior styles into one.

It’s obvious your French provincial pieces won’t complement his urban loft vibes, so we’ve turned to author and interior decorator Emma Blomfield for the best tips to finding an interior look that suits you both.

Sit down and plan

Take some time to sit down together, flick through a pile of magazines and discover each other’s likes. Point out interior styles you both like, and make a short list of any pictures and looks you both agree on.

How to find and interior style

Know your compromises

Find out what you both will and won’t compromise on. For example: bed size, art styles, sofa seat height, etc. This will have you heading to the store on the same page for a fuss-free shopping experience. This is also the time to make a note of personal treasures that need to be displayed and where they can be incorporated.

Decorating tip: want to include floral, but can’t convince your guy? Consider midnight florals: a large-scale floral pattern in dark, moody shades.   

Choose colours together

Getting a fresh lick of paint on the walls is exciting, but colour is powerful, so you want to make sure it suits everyone’s tastes. Be sure to take the time to look through paint charts together to get a feel for what colours you can both live with on your walls before painting. This will save time, money, and stress in the long run.

All images styled by Emma Blomfied and photographed by Lisa Zhu


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