We’d all like to think our husbands-to-be will look as shmick as Ryan Gosling in a suit on the red carpet. But the truth is that’s as cliché as assuming you’ll look like Gisele Bundchen strutting down the runway when you walk down the aisle. Sometimes the picture you have in your head isn’t what the real end result turns out to be. And when it comes to your groom, well you need to do just that. Groom him!

Chances are your man won’t put quite as much time and effort into picking his wedding suit as you will put into selecting your gown. He’ll want to look great, feel comfortable and match the style and formality of the wedding of course. But you probably won’t see him locking in shopping dates with the boys.

We caught up with Anna Glancey and Belinda Scanlon of Peppers Formal Wear about the best way to ensure your groom looks good in his suit. With more than 200 grooms and groomsmen coming through each month, these girls know a thing or two about groom- style!

1. Make sure his suit is fitted properly. A well-fitted suit should not be tight. Although fitted suits are right on trend at the moment, it’s important to remember there is a fine line between fitted and tight. It’s also just as important for both the sleeves and pants are not too long or too short.

2. Suit up appropriately for the time of the day. Remember he should always dress for the time of your wedding ceremony, not the reception. So for example he wouldn’t get married in a dinner suit if the ceremony is at lunchtime. Although some grooms choose two outfits, most will stick to the same suit from the day and through into the night. It’s important for him to choose something that suits his personality and the styling of the wedding. If he’s not a tuxedo guy, then don’t make him wear a tuxedo! Don’t ever pressure him to wear something that isn’t ‘him’.

3. The groom and groomsmen need to be more formal than the guests (or the same dress code at least). We have seen weddings where the dress code is black tie for the guests and then the groom and groomsmen wear lounge suits themselves. This just makes the bridal party underdressed and this is not acceptable. Remember, it’s the bridal parties’ day to stand out!

4. Coordinate the boys’ outfit to compliment the girls. This does not mean that ties need to match to the bridesmaid’s dresses but choose colours that compliment. We recommend the groom chooses a vest or tie that matches the wedding gown as it looks beautiful, particularly in photographs. Having your groom wear a pink tie because the girls are in pink makes him coordinate with the girls and not the bride. You don’t want that.

5. Remember trends are forever changing. Ensure your groom chooses a style you will still like years later when you pull out the photo album. Don’t simple pick something that’s currently “in”.

6. Traditionally the groom and groomsmen should wear the same suit. Now what we’re noticing is the groom opting to wear a different suit to the groomsmen. If your groom-to-be chooses to do this make sure you keep things coordinated. You could stick to a similar colour and style for the groomsmen, or have a common theme like a matching tie for all. The idea behind the boys all wearing the same suit is to highlight the bride even further.

7. Choose a style and colour that suits him and be mindful of complimenting his size. For example, if he’s a larger build don’t make him wear a white or light colour suit. It will only accentuate his problem areas. The darker you go, the more flattering the cut. Black is always the most slimming and chic option.

8. Consider the accessories and make sure his shoes and belt compliment the suit. There’s no point in having black patent dress shoes and a brown tan leather belt and expecting it to all work together. Be consistent with the accessories.

9. Anyone can wear tails. Your groom doesn’t have to be tall to wear tails. We get asked this a lot. Tails come in different lengths to cater for varying heights. So you can have him looking like Prince William if that’s what you’re into!

10. Consider vests. Most men look good in vests and it makes the suit look polished. It also keeps them looking stylish all evening, even when the jackets come off.

So that’s it girls. Your crash course on dressing your groom. Now all you need to do it play teacher, and write it on a blackboard and have him pay attention. But if role playing isn’t your thing, you could just attend his suit fittings with him.

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