Deciding on a dress for your best friends to wear at your Wedding is stressful, especially when they all have different skin tones and body shapes. The last thing you want is for your girl squad to be uncomfortable, so this season, Brides are considering a more mismatched approach to Bridesmaid dressing.

Instead of opting for identical Bridesmaid gowns, Brides are opting for tonal dressing, choosing a colour palette of options and allowing the girls to pick based on what will suit them.

However, this trend is tricky to get right. Giving too many colour options can leave the Bridal Party looking uncoordinated and messy and having all the girls in gowns that are too similar can make it look like you’ve made a mistake (instead of a deliberate effort to mismatch your gowns).

To get it right, we got advice from Elaine at Goddess by Nature who has dressed Bridal parties of all shapes and sizes including pregnant Bridesmaids, curvy girls and ‘hard-to-fits’.

1. Count Your Bridesmaids

This colour trend will only work if you’ve got three or more ‘maids. If you’re planning on having just two Bridesmaids, it’s best to stick to the one tone.


2. Have a Progression

If you’re thinking of having a blue palette, have a progression of colour options from light to dark. Or choose colour families that work well together, like pastel shades or dark shades that’ll work well together. If you don’t, you can end up with four Bridesmaids in navy and one in powder blue – not a coherent look!


3. Match the Fabrics

When you choose to have a tonal Bridal party look, make sure all of your ‘Maids are wearing gowns made of the same fabric (or very similar). Because the colours are different, you need to ensure the stiffness, flow and general structure of the gowns are identical to avoid one girl looking romantic and another looking sleek.


Tonal dressing is a great way to further enhance the overall ‘feel’ of the wedding. For example, coastal blues for beach weddings, neutral and champagne shades for vintage chic and sophisticated or romantic shades of pinks and purples. As women come in different shapes, sizes, skin tones and hair colour, Goddess by Nature has created an adaptable range of elegant bridesmaid dresses.




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