How to combat sweat when your groom and groomsmen take off their suit jackets

There’s nothing that can ruin a wedding photo quite like the vision of the groom and groomsmen in sweat-stained shirts and bridesmaids with expressions that say ‘does anyone have a peg for my nose?’.

We understand that when it’s hot that the boys can’t help it and you can’t very well ask people to be in your wedding based on their sweat glands. Luckily for my clients, I’ve seen enough sweat to know when it can be combatted and I’ve learned how to tame it, at least until the groomsmen start dancing well into the early hours of the next morning.

If you haven’t picked their shirts…

You’ll be more able to tame the beast. If you’re after a button up shirt, look for something in a natural fabric. Natural fabrics breathe better and will keep your groomsmen cooler on the day. Something in a cotton or linen is a great option and try to stay away from things with rayon or polyester in them. These are synthetic fabrics and they will make your groomsmen sweat quickly.

If you have picked their shirts…

Sometimes we don’t realise what a warm day the wedding will be when we select the date months and sometimes years in advance. So it’s normal for many couples to have these things sorted before the weather forecast is available.

Get yourself some pharmaceutical grade deodorant, this is made for people who sweat excessively and will help to keep things at bay for a longer time than supermarket quality deodorants. The groomsmen may want to reapply throughout the evening and the best results will occur when the wearer wipes their underarms clean between applications and even takes their shirt off to air for a few minutes between applications. If you’re dealing with guys who seem to get a bit of back sweat too, it’s always smart to apply a thin layer in this area too.

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Have extra armpit insurance…

Relying on a great deodorant and natural fabrics sometimes isn’t enough. It’s a good idea to get yourself some underarm patches that are designed to soak up sweat and keep your men dry on the wedding day. These can be found on eBay and in some two-dollar shops. They look like a panty liner that have an adhesive backing that gets applied to the armpit of the shirt. They make a world of a difference, especially when trying to keep odours at bay.

If you’re worried about see-through shirts…

A basic singlet like a Bonds Chesty will be perfect, as unsolicited nipples is something no one wants in their wedding photos. This can create an extra layer that may make your groomsmen warmer, but the added layer will soak up extra sweat and help to keep your shirts looking solid, rather than see through.


Last but not least, remember that it’s your wedding day; some of you will break a sweat on the dance floor and it’s only a sign of a good time. If you are having a morning wedding and a reception that may carry into the evening with professional photographs after, pack an extra shirt for those who you worry might sweat through too much and enjoy your night knowing you’re not only a stunning bride – but you’re super organised!

Contributed by Alarna Hope

sweat groom what to do, groomsmen sweating wedding, wedding seating what to do, fix sweat stains grooms, combat sweating groom wedding, alarna hope fashion

Alarna Hope is a Fashion Stylist and Body Positive Influencer based in Sydney Australia. Over the span of her career, she’s had the opportunity to dress and assist some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Having grown up with a creative family, studying at Tafe and FBI Fashion College Alarna quickly found her calling in fashion and she’s lived and breathed her work since. Since starting her career, Alarna has privately worked with clients across NSW and Melbourne with some of her commercial work published in various magazines both in Australia and internationally. Alarna has also she’s assisted in television wardrobes, and has also consulted for some of Australia’s biggest and most influential companies.

Main images from Elisse and Christian’s wedding. Photography by MacDougall Photography.

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