For some brides, the thought of having to wear all white on their wedding day is enough for them to break out in hives. And no it’s not because of drunk Uncle Frank spilling red wine all over them or Cousin Tina smudging her foundation on her shoulder.  These things definitely scare the hell out of us too, but for the colour loving bride? The thought of not being able to wear the hot pink heels she loves and adores can be a little disheartening.

The good news is that the rules have changed. Brides are no longer sticking to tradition and donning white head to toe. If anything we’re seeing more and more brides experimenting with colour on their wedding day… and we’re loving it!

 Below are some tips on how to incorporate colour into your wedding day look.

The Shoes
Fallen in love with and amazing pair of coloured shoes and find yourself wishing ‘they came in white’?  Well save your wishes for a rainy day honey because those shoes have your name written all over them! And when you think about it, they’re an investment piece as you’ll wear them time and time again after your wedding. Yes ladies. That’s how we’ve all convinced ourselves those flashy designer hot pink shoes are worth every penny.

The clutch
Not a bling bling kind of girl? Why not carry a coloured or patterned clutch? You won’t be carrying this around all day so you can pick and choose when you want it photographed.

The head piece
If you’re not game enough to wear a big blue feather (Is that what it was? Or was it a bird?) Like Carrie Bradshaw did on her wedding in Sex and The City why not opt for coloured flowers? You can choose fresh flowers or a stunning floral headpiece. And if you’re not a fully-fledged flower child, consider add one or two flowers to your hair. This will lift your outfit and add a little extra colour.

Earrings and bracelets
Accessories are such a personal touch for a bride. Incorporating a little colour into your accessories is the perfect way to bring in your favourite colour. If it’s your earrings or your wrist-wear, it guarantees a personal touch.

Non-white wedding dress
This one is not something that a lot of brides would dare to do. But designers like Vera Wang, Paolo Sebastian and Elie Saab’s new collections have all featured coloured gowns and celebrities like Jessica Biel, Kaley Cuoco and Reese Witherspoon have opted for a coloured gown? It’s definitely something to consider if you want to steer away from the classic white wedding dress.

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