Hire or Purchase Groomsmen Suits? We’ve Listed the Pros and Cons!

Weddings are overbearingly expensive, and with the option of hiring formal attire, particular Groomsmen suits why not splurge on just the essentials?

There is a growing trend towards mixing and matching suits on the Big Day. Some men will choose to wear a combination of white, blue and black while others will downsize to a waistcoat, tie and trousers. According to a poll from EasyWeddings, 63% of men would rent, while the remaining 37% will buy to impress.

Here are our pros and cons for hiring and purchasing suits for his big day!

Pros for purchasing

When it comes down to it, buying a suit means it’s officially yours. It is a proven symbol of the love you shared and an item that could be handed down to future grooms and groomsmen.

There may be the unfortunate yet glorious occasions here and there. From funerals to job interviews, this suit may just be your wardrobe essential! Think of it as an investment.

Cons for purchasing

Buying a suit means spending away your honeymoon and wedding day prospects. There is no doubt about that. But if you to search high and low, there may be a price that could fit your budget.

Is it necessary to purchase a tailored suit? There may be some males who care too much about beauty products and fashion, but a simple man tends to view the financial instabilities that await him.

Pros for hiring

A suit is just a suit. At least, that’s what we’ve heard. Whether your into white or black, there will always be an outlet in need of hiring formal attire. The options are endless and so are the sizes. Just in case your body changes before the Wedding!

There is no average cost for a hired suit, and this is a good option for some, not for others.

Cons for hiring

Like it or lump it, a hired suit may not fit most men. With the rapid changes of modern fashion, there may be some hired blazers and trousers that still contain a ‘classic’ fit. The fabric may be a heavier duty wool or the sleeves might not have a nice cuff.

When shopping around, take note of prices that start with ‘from’ as your desired suit may cost you more than you bargained for.

Maintenance is an issue when your a groom. Dancing while wearing a hired suit could be your downfall. Not to mention the amounts of food and beverages.

And lastly – find out how long the hire period is for. You certainly don’t want to return your suit the night after.

There are many things to worry about on your special day – a suit isn’t one of them.

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