Guinness World of Records: The Wedded Wonderland Edition

Ever been told not to go over the top when it comes to your wedding? We’ve seen some pretty big things when it comes to weddings, but these by far are some of the craziest and unbelievable we’ve come across.

The World’s Longest Wedding Train

Do you have 40 bridesmaids on hand to carry your wedding train? This bride in China sure has! At 4.8km long, this wedding train weighs a whopping 50kg!


Image from REX

Worlds Biggest Wedding Party

This couple broke two world records with their wedding – 130 bridesmaids and 100 groomsmen later, it’s safe to say they must have had one hell of a party.

bridal party

Image from Ross Parry

Worlds Biggest Bouquet

Comprising of 1500 flowers and weighing 92kg, the bride needed 79 bridesmaids and 47 groomsman to help carry it.


Image from

Worlds Longest Engagement

Think your engagement has gone on too long? Think of poor Adriana Martinez who waited 67 years for her hubby Octavio Guillen to tie the knot!

longest engagement


Worlds tallest groom

Towering in at 8ft 3, tallest man on earth Sultan Kosen married his love of 5ft 8, making him the tallest groomsman ever recorded.


Image from

Worlds Longest Marriage

The 99yr old Americans married in 1933 and have been together ever since. 82 years of marriage and the apparent secret to success is letting your wife always get her way – who knew?


Image from

Worlds Biggest Wedding Cake

6.8 tonnes of pure cake was made by chefs at The Mohegan Sun Casino and Hotel for a bridal showcase in 2004. No need for wedding favours with this amount of cake!


Image from


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