Gucci Models Carried Their Severed Heads Like Handbags At Milan Fashion Week

Gucci’s creative director, Alexandra Michele, kicked off Milan Fashion Week in what seemed like a perfect execution of seductively strange and largely lavish.

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The runway was transformed into a life-size operating room. We’re talking surgical lights, PVC walls, panic hardware, theatre tables, and a heart-operating machine whose beeps could’ve been ours.

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What better way to remind everyone to be on time than orange timers which counted down to the event in bold red numbers. Not that we’d be late to a Gucci runway anyway.

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Michele debuted the ‘Cyborg’ Gucci AW2018/19 collection, which boasted an array of cultures and symbols. Think pagodas, Sikh turbans, embellished headpieces, balaclavas, gold lurex and the New York Yankees logo.

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But the surreal doesn’t start there. The “post-human Gucci cyborgs” were cradling replicas of their own heads down the runway, with others sporting centaur horns, baby dragons and snakes!

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As reported by BBC, Michele said the heads were symbolic of the struggle of finding your identity, and “looking after your head and thoughts.”

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He also said it represented the “scientific clarity” that comes with fashion:

“Our job is a surgical job: cutting and assembling and experimenting on the operating table.”

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A style note said the designs were an avatar for Gucci’s ‘pluriverse’ concept, and was inspired by the idea of rejecting boundaries.

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There were definitely no limits here.

Talk about head-turning fashion … literally.


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Written by Shaymah Alkhair

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