Ever since 2012 Lachy and Emma have been touring, recording, travelling and wiggling together on The Wiggles show and they couldn’t be happier!

One evening, after a full day of performing Lachy told Emma he was taking her to dinner, but took a detour to a waterfront park where he suddenly started reciting a “Roses are Red” poem. “In my family we make ‘Roses are Red’ poems for everyone’s birthday, so I was impressed he was having a go on his own, though I still didn’t think he was proposing … but then as he started lowering on one knee it all became quite real to me and then he cried and I cried even more!” Emma excitedly told Wedded Wonderland. This beautiful proposal was followed by a surprise celebratory dinner with their families who had flown down from Brisbane to be with them on this special occasion.

Lachy and Emma set about planning their dream Wedding together, uniquely personalising their Special Day to reflect themselves, from signing their vows in American sign language, to having baby goats running around among the guests during canapes.

“Using sign language meant that we were able to use our hands, body and facial expressions to illustrate our promises to one another and it became this magical dance between Lachy and I.”

As for the goats – well Emma simply loves them and didn’t see any reason why she couldnt include them in her Special Day!

The couple looked like absolute royalty with Emma stunning in a regal couture gown by Suzanne Harward complete with a royal crown by Viktoria Novak while  Lachy looking like a dashing Prince in his traditional Scottish attire, and the inspiration behind their looks came from their family.

“My Mum’s maiden name is “Royal” and so we have always joked we are the Royal family. She would have loved that we included some royalty in our own way into the Wedding and my dress very much emulated a regal style. Lachy wanted to have a prince feel as well so we found his family’s traditional Scottish tartan and had it made into a sash which he wore with his suit.”

Reflecting back on the Special Day, Emma told Wedded Wonderland one of the best moments was Lachy’s surprise serenade during the reception. “Lachy had contacted Ben Elton to write some lyrics for a song, as Lachy wanted to sing to me at the reception. It was the most beautiful thing because it was Lachy’s voice and Ben’s lyrics all to my favourite melody The Countess Cathleen.”

Emma’s biggest piece of advice for girls in the midst of Wedding planning is to not get swayed by everyone’s opinions – “listen to them, but do what you want!”

This Wedding is simply divine – be inspired, Fairies!

Photography Lara Hotz Photography

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