At Wedded Wonderland, we love uncovering the next big thing in fashion and design and last Monday, we had the privilege of launching the inaugural collection of Stephen Abadair.

A range of Grecian-themed gowns adorned with gold embellishments, this collection (named #SacShow15) was on the lips of every stylish Sydneysider who attended. Between organising models and posing for photos, we managed to sit Stephen down and get an exclusive on his designs.

This collection is the one that will launch Stephen Abadair among the greats and we have only three words to say. Watch. This. Space.

WW: What inspired you to design this collection?

Stephen Abadair: This collection is inspired by the Greek goddesses and Middle-Eastern princesses who live a royal life and cover themselves with the finest gold and most expensive gowns. I created my collection to give the everyday woman the feeling that they can be royal, have the finest jewellery and wear amazing gowns, but still be part of the ‘real world’.

WW: Did you have a particular woman in mind when creating this?


Stephen Abadair: When I was designing my collection, I combined a number of women and merged them into one. My aim was to create the ultimate regal woman – a woman who everyone wants to be.

The first inspiration was Queen Rania of Jordan, who is the Middle-Eastern princess. She was the thought-process behind the extravagant gowns, the gold accessories, the elegance and personality.

Another influence was the Hollywood red carpet: J-Lo, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. These types of women are fashion icons and idols and manage to be edgy with every single red carpet look.

Finally, I looked to the average girl for inspiration. A woman who loves fashion and searches for beautifully cut garments that suit her shape. This girl is willing to break down the boundaries and has an outgoing personality.

WW: What designers influenced you creatively growing up?

All of the classics – Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior.

WW: Does your Australian/Middle Eastern heritage play a role in influencing your work?


Stephen Abadair: Yes. Australian fashion tends to be simple with clean-cut lines and restricted in materials and beadwork. My Middle-Eastern background kicks in with my use of heavy beading, extravagant lace and over the top structure.

WW: If you could dress any celebrity, who would it be?

Stephen Abadair: J-Lo. Not only is she a celebrity, but she’s a leading fashion icon. Her personality influences and reflects a lot in what she wears. I’ve idolised for as long as I can remember and hopefully one day, I’ll be dressing her.

WW: What was the most stressful part leading up to the launch?

Stephen Abadair: The most stressful part of the launch was the fact I was planning the show in such a short time frame. Dates needed to be moved and bookings changed.

WW: On the day of the launch, what were your handbag essentials?

Stephen Abadair: My essentials were double-sided tape, hairspray, needles/thread, scissors, spare heels for the models, chicken fillets, padding and last, but not least – gold glitter!

WW: What was your brief for the hair and makeup on the night?


Stephen Abadair: The brief I gave the hair and makeup artists on the night was that every gown should be reflected in the makeup and complimented by the hairstyle. I wanted the makeup to reflect back to the ‘Golden Goddess’ theme using gold flakes as body art. Even the model’s hair was dipped in gold glitter!

I recall saying ‘I want it to be Where’s Wally in gold. I want people to search for my gold gowns in a golden scene.’

WW: Where can girls go to purchase your collection?

Stephen Abadair: All my dresses are custom-made to fit perfectly on a girl. I don’t stock ready-to-wear, however all of the gowns I made for #SACShow15 are available to rent from Dresses For Hire. This gives girls a chance to wear the one-off pieces.

WW: What’s next for Mr. Abadair?

Stephen Abadair: My next goal is to open up a boutique for clients to experience the beauty of fashion and how amazing it is to receive their own couture gown. Currently, my focus is on advertising and planning a post-event for the #SACShow15. This post-event will give people a chance to see what the gowns are all about. Hopefully, my next collection will be released by the end of the year.

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