Just like the couple,  their wedding day was a culmination of different cultures and traditions coming together to celebrate love. With so many traditions to cover, their wedding lasted for days … literally. In true Sicilian tradition, a few nights before the wedding day, the  best men and matron of honours hosted the couple’s ‘La Serenata’, a night where Davide gathered all the wedding guests, along with musicians , champagne and roses and Tania remained in her waiting for  Davide to serenade her  until she felt he had proclaimed his love well enough in front of all our family and friends.

“After three beautiful Sicilian romance melodies, I threw open the doors and a huge applause followed. Davide then climbed up the balcony (a scene out of a movie), and planted the most beautiful kiss. We then partied on into the night with all our family and friends.” Tania excitedly told Wedded Wonderland.

The couple celebrated their special day surrounded by guests who had flown in from all around the world, and with  traditional Macedonian music being played, an operatic serenade by Cosimo Ciccone, fireworks at the cutting of the cake, wedding guests didn’t leave until the sun rose.

Reflecting back on their wedding, the couple told Wedded Wonderland one of the most heart- warming moments of the night was when “Con te Partiro’ by Andrea Bocelli was sung live by Cosimo Ciccone. “It was truly a goosebumps moment as the words translate to – with you I leave. It was a truly beautiful moment that together we would leave Sicily to live in Australia on this new adventure , but with such a heavy heart leave loved ones behind until we saw them next. It was so important to us to have our families know how much they mean to us.”

Be inspired by this sweet love affair, Fairies!

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