Couples with this colour room have more sex

Need more sleep? Paint your walls blue. Want more sex? Decorate your room in caramel tones.

These are the results of a study conducted by Travelodge in the UK involving 2,000 people, showing a strong correlation between the color of your bedroom walls with how much sleep and sex you’re having.

Travelodge interior designer Francis Whitley said, “Room color does influence your mood and set the tone for your living environment.”

People who have caramel coloured walls apparently have sex three times a weeks, with the survey claiming it reminds them of confectionary-like items and gets them in the mood

room colour survey.

Blue has long been associated with feelings of calmness, helping you relax before sleep.

And surprisingly, people who slept in rooms painted red had the least amount of sex, which is interesting as this is generally the universal colour associated with love.

Get painting Fairies!


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