Couple have the Most Badass Wedding Photoshoot Ever at Skate Bowl in Malaysia

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Meet Vina Marwan and her husband Ikhzreen Husin. The happy couple live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and recently got married – and their wedding photos are awesome.

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Marwan told BuzzFeed News that she met Husin five years ago when she started long board skating, with the two quickly becoming friends and bonding over their mutual love of shredding.

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Marwan told Buzzfeed that the pair soon started ‘catching feelings for each other,’ and they spent more and more time skating together and traveling to tournaments in and around Malaysia.

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After their all-white wedding ceremony in July, the newlyweds took to the nearby skate park for what looks like one of the most kick-ass wedding photoshoots we’ve ever seen.

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Still dressed in their wedding garb, the happy couple showed off their skills while friends are family either joined in or looked on. “We didn’t really plan how the shoot was supposed to be,” Marwan told Buzzfeed. “It was all candid with nothing serious about it.”

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“We rode casually and slowly as I was wearing a skirt with a long tail.” Despite the train, this kick-ass new wife knows what she’s doing in the bowl.

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Her niece later uploaded the photos to Twitter, with the images going viral after garnering more than 39,000 retweets, with Marwan telling Buzzfeed that she never expected them to be so popular.

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Understandably, the internet loved it.

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Radical Islam, huh?

Image credit – Razif Abu/Twitter


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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